Twelfth Night Queen’s Deception by Rita Bay

Twelfth Night Queen’s Deception by Rita Bay
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (71 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Amelia Fontaine was betrothed to her cousin, Percy Westbury, while she was still in leading strings. When Percy and his family arrive for a long holiday visit, Amelia is dismayed by the prospect of the impending arranged marriage. With his estate in shambles, Percy flaunts his plans to use Fontaine Hall’s wealth to benefit his family’s fortunes. When Percy demands that Amelia end her friendship with her neighbor, Edward Thornton, will she choose to follow tradition or pursue happiness?
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Edward Thornton, the Earl of Bridgwater, couldn’t remember a time he didn’t love Amelia. He didn’t believe her grandmother would insist on the arranged marriage, until the entire Westbury clan invites themselves to Fontaine Hall. When Edward discovers Percy’s secret life and his sinister plans for Amelia, he embarks on a campaign to rescue her. Will the Twelfth Night Queen help him save his beloved from her cruel fate?

Amelia Fontaine and Edward Thornton, Earl Bridgewater, live on neighboring properties and were both orphaned when they were children and were raised by their grandmothers. Before her parents died, they betrothed Amelia to Percy Westbury and now her grandmother feels obliged to keep to the betrothal.

I think this book is extremely well written and good reading. I sat down to see what it was like and didn’t get up again until I’d finished it. Wonderful story with oodles of intrigue and conflict. One grandmother can see no way out of the dilemma of Amelia’s betrothal while the other feels it best to end the engagement so her grandson can court the woman he loves. Percy has his own ideas on the future and this brings about the conflict.

One thing I would say is the title tends to give away the end of the story. Not completely, but maybe the last word could be left out of the title.

Often when I read a Regency romance I feel I want to shout at the hero and heroine to stop being so stupid and talk to one another. Not this time. The pair did talk, the heroine was not afraid to speak her mind both to the hero and her fiancé, not that it did her much good, but she did have her say. The author has written a really good book, short but sharp and engaging.

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