Turning On The Light by Chelle De Notte

Turning On The Light by Chelle De Notte
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

When he’s not putting out fires with New York’s bravest, Jake Cross performs as Bree Encroute, a drag queen in a Hell’s Kitchen revue. He keeps his two worlds separate by design, yet is having a hard time separating himself from Brad.

After walking away from the homophobia at his old firehouse, Brad Talbott is finally free to be himself … and in search of a house where he’ll fit in. But no matter how many floater shifts he works, he keeps coming back to Jake.

For months, Jake and Brad’s arrangement has been purely physical. But as spring gives way to summer, the two men start to bare themselves to each other in new ways.

Jake and Brad hit it off almost instantly but as fire fighters they each have very busy professional lives and at first neither are keen to give up much of their busy private time either. But as their hook ups become more meaningful and they each start to share more of more of their private selves things begin to get more complicated. Can they help each other create something amazing together?

I found this to be a really interesting and emotional read. I was a little surprised that the storyline jumped around a bit – particularly at the start. More than a few times I had to stop, go back and reread a few pages because I hadn’t understood something properly. This somewhat choppy style of writing made it hard to be to follow the story in a few places, but I really felt this evened out toward the middle and end of the story so I was quite glad to have grasped it all.

I adored both Jake and Brad’s characters though and really felt their connection and the romance blossoming between them. I empathized strongly with Jake – and recovering from his world turning upside down after having people he loved and trusted turn their backs when he came out. I also greatly enjoyed the patience and love Brad showed Jake as they each tried to build something together. This was a really emotional and strongly written story I liked and feel it would be a lovely, quick and satisfying read for many who enjoy a realistic sort of story.

With two interesting, vibrant and realistic characters really shining through the story Jake and Brad made this a lovely and enjoyable read. There was a dash of colour and fun with Jake’s side hustle as a drag queen and enough tender emotions as the two men grew closer and learned to trust themselves and each other to really make this a delightful story. I’d definitely be willing to try more by this author.

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