Time to Retire by Jon Foyt

Time to Retire by Jon Foyt
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (265 pgs)
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

A middle-aged journalist, bereft of love, while contemplating his own retirement, investigates the suicide of a prominent member of a large active adult retirement community. Willy Herbst uncovers the dark forces playing upon the victim while exposing the skulduggery of the cabal of volunteers running the community. In his investigation, he encounters the many facets making up this new phenomenon of senior citizen culture.
Written by an octogenarian resident of an adult retirement community, the novel addresses the reality of aging, both for baby boomers and others who may be living in or contemplating living in a retirement community.

Nothing’s better than starting your day with a nice hike in the mountains to see the scenery and get your heart pumping, especially when you’re a senior citizen. However, finding a dead body hanging from the main attraction is disturbing…

Willy wrote an article about the Sunset Gardens retirement community before, but his editor didn’t find it worth printing. Death has certain panache about it, though, so he’s sent out to see what kind of story he can find for the paper now. Not surprisingly, no one is very anxious to talk about it. Willy hangs out in the local bar, The Silent Frog, to see what he can hear.

This is an interesting tale about older people who get into influential positions and then use it to feather their own nests. The units in Sunset Gardens are not inexpensive. The sale of your home can get you in there, but it won’t keep you there. As I kept reading Mr. Foyt’s story I began to wonder if anyone who was involved in the board, the financial transactions or any other management position was going to be honest. It seemed everyone had a scam going.

As Willy and Sally, the newspaper intern, weasel information out of the residents and search through paperwork to see why Heinrich died, they discover a lot of other plots and plans.

Mr. Foyt writes a well flowing tale with interesting tidbits of information you wouldn’t expect to find in a novel. You’ll look at retirement homes differently after reading his tale.

I liked the ending–it’s ironic and amusing. I also found it unexpected. You’ll learn about the workings of a retirement community and how friends and enemies are made. I’d suggest you don’t follow the fraud tips though–those didn’t work out well.


  1. Great review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Time to Retire.

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