Thrill Ride by Julie Ann Walker


Thrill Ride by Julie Ann Walker
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (344 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy


Ex-navy SEAL Rock Babineaux is as Cajun as they come—spicy, sexy, and more than a bit wicked. But would he actually betray his country? Even his best friends on the special-ops Black Knights team aren’t sure they can trust him. Now the target of a massive manhunt, Rock knows the only way to protect the team—especially his partner, Vanessa—is to run…


Rock might think he can outmaneuver them all, but he hasn’t counted on how stubborn Vanessa Cordero can be. And she refuses to cut him loose. Sure, her partner has his secrets, but there’s no one in the world she’d rather have by her side in a tight spot. Which is good because she and Rock are about to get very tight…

Actions send adrenaline racing and loves scenes take the breath away and inspire the imagination. Thrill Ride does indeed live up to its title.This is the fourth Black Knight Inc. book, but it stands alone beautifully. Of course, if you have read the earlier books, you’ll have a special treat. You’ll get to catch up with characters that swept you away on previous death-defying missions and into breathtaking love scenes. Ozzie, Becky and Frank, Billy, Eve, just to mention a few, add a special spice and humor to the do or die action. They are a kaleidoscope of personalities, intelligence, and actions. Each has a special something to enhance the story.

Thrill Ride is Richard “Rock” Babineaux and Vanessa Cordero’s story. The smooth-talking Cajun, with his wit, Southern charm, and gift for getting the truth from people, has supposedly gone “rogue”. Vanessa, the curvy, petite, stubborn, lionhearted communications expert at Black Knights Inc, is the best one to find him in the jungle area settlements of Costa Rica. She speaks the dialects of the region and has the moxie to finish what she starts. The connection Rock and Vanessa make as they struggle to stay alive in the jungle and the events that seem determined to sever that connection make page-turning reading.

The “burn and delete” that the CIA puts out on Rock sets the Black Knights in high gear to find him before anyone else does, but Rock is not easy to find. He can “disappear faster than a cry on the wind”.

The secretiveness of missions breed distrust among agencies and when ‘powers-that-be’ use this to promote their own agendas, actions do get wild and deadly. The unknown Rwanda Don wrecks havoc with lots of lives via actions of others and seems to be an untouchable antagonist. However, the Black Knights work their collective intellect and magic, keeping the reader on high alert for the entire book.

The inventive, descriptive, often outrageous language; the imagery; the bigger-than-life characters along with the intriguing, suspenseful, tangled plot that Julie Ann Walker uses, captures and sweeps the reader along into a vicarious experience that bombards the senses and sends emotions skyrocketing.

Super entertainment!

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