The Witch King by Nancy Holland

The Witch King by Nancy Holland
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Fantasy
Length: Full length (391 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Can they stay alive long enough to save their kingdoms without falling in love?

Cut them some slack and realize they cannot do everything they used order tadalafil to be able to do quite as easily. Use of dialogue rather than debate .Guiding such diverse groups (whose members may have differing agendas and little experience working together) is viagra pills cheap check out address especially challenging for leaders. Despite the enormous amount of information being available on cialis prescription canada the internet today people really don’t know how to decide if a food is healthful or not. Erectile dysfunction basically happens when the blood is not passed on to the next viagra rx generation but could have been prevented. Kyr, son of the famous warrior, Thalgor, has been tasked to marry the daughter of a warring leader to broker a peace between three clans. Ever the obedient son, he prepares for his wedding only to learn from a slave that his betrothed has fled with a warrior from her own tribe. Determined to save the peace, Kyr sets off in pursuit of the fleeing couple, reluctantly taking the slave with him to thwart discovery.

Ciel has been a slave all her life. She fully expects to be killed when she delivers the news of her missing mistress. Instead she is saved and tasked to impersonate Kry’s betrothed. In the dead of night she and Kyr sneak out of the warrior’s camp hoping to intercept the escaping couple by taking a dangerous route. With each leg of the journey, they are tested. They must learn to trust to survive… not easy when both of them harbor dangerous secrets.

Kur the son of Thalgor the Golden Helmet is at the celebration of the peace treaty between his father and the northern lord. Although, he is not exactly happy to marry the northern king’s daughter, Rynne, he knows his duty. The marriage is a way to seal the peace treaty. What he doesn’t expect is for Rynne’s servant and former slave Ciel to come to his tent the night before the wedding and tell him that Rynne has run away with one of her father’s lieutenants, Will, with whom she has been in love since childhood.

The plot is different from many others I have read and well-constructed. It flows from one part to the next. It reminds us how slavery can affect people who. even when freed, are still being subjugated as servants. Trust is another big part of the plot, as when Ciel’s trust is won it is strong as steel. Another subject is that compassion does not make you weak and that there are many other ways to end a battle or war.

The characters are wonderfully developed in a rich world. Ciel is a strong, competent, loving woman who starts to become the person she was supposed to be without having her personality crushed by cruelty. The trust she had in Kur in the beginning is broken because he did not protect her when a small group of brigands attacks. She pulls herself emotionally and physically from him, hoping that she will be free from her previous life with the sea witches.

I loved this book, as you can tell by the five stars. There is nothing I would change and I hope there is a sequel to it. Readers will be drawn into a world where magic is an everyday thing, with lords that are good and those that are power hungry. With the love and friendship, the world can change.

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