The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties by Lynda Renham

The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties by Lynda Renham
Publisher: Raucous Publisihng
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (286 pages)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

On arriving home after a friend s posh wedding, launderette worker Harriet, finds her life irrevocably changed when she discovers her flat ransacked and her boyfriend missing. In a matter of hours she is harassed by East End gangsters and upper crust aristocrats. Accepting an offer she can’t refuse, Harriet, against her better judgment becomes the fiancée of the wealthy Hamilton Lancaster, with dire consequences. What she had not bargained on was meeting Doctor Brice Edmunds. The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties is Lynda Renham’s funniest novel so far. A cocktail of misunderstandings, three unlikely gangsters, a monkey and a demented cat make this novel a hysterical read. Follow Harriet s adventure where every attempt to get out of trouble puts her deeper in it.

Harriet’s boyfriend drops her into absolute chaos when he does a runner with her car to escape from Jack Diamond and his boys. When Jack can’t find the elusive Julian, he set his sights on Harriet who discovers she’s up to her ears in debt run up by Julian. How to solve this tricky situation? Pretend to be someone’s fiancée for enough money to clear the debts.

The publisher describes this book as “A Romantic Comedy” and it truly is a comedy. I kept laughing through most of the heroine’s traumatic experiences. Traumatic to her, absolutely hilarious to read about. It’s the chaos that only occurs in books, it can’t possibly happen in real life – or could it?

Poor Harriet, from hoodlums chasing her for money, to a boyfriend who’s done a disappearing act but still expects her to support him, a friend who hates wearing her glasses but is blind as a bat without them, a fake fiancé who takes her to meet his family. What else could go wrong? A lot more apparently. The situation doesn’t improve when she is attracted to her fake fiance’s cousin but is sure he suspects something is wrong about her engagement.

A superb book with the comic situations arriving naturally. The author has taken her time to get it right and dragged me into the story right from the first paragraph. I wouldn’t read this on public transport as people would give me strange looks every time I laughed out loud. Thank you Ms Renham for writing such an enjoyable book.

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