The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters

The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Middle Grade (8 – 12 y.o.), Contemporary
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Dicentra

Logan Foster has pretty much given up on the idea of ever being adopted. It could have something to with his awkward manner, his photographic memory, or his affection for reciting curious facts, but whatever the cause, Logan and his “PP’s” (prospective parents) have never clicked.

Then everything changes when Gil and Margie arrive. Although they aren’t exactly perfect themselves—Gil has the punniest sense of humor and Margie’s cooking would have anyone running for the hills—they genuinely seem to care.

But it doesn’t take Logan long to notice some very odd things about them. They are out at all hours, they never seem to eat, and there’s a part of the house that is protected by some pretty elaborate security.

No matter what Logan could have imagined, nothing prepared him for the truth: His PP’s are actually superheroes, and they’re being hunted down by dastardly forces. Logan’s found himself caught in the middle in a massive battle and the very fate of the world may hang in the balance. Will Logan be able to find a way to save the day and his new family?

Shawn Peters’ debut novel The Unforgettable Logan Foster is a simply unforgettable read!

Logan Foster is a unique kid, and he’s sadly given up on the dream of ever being adopted. Despite being fostered out to Prospective Parents, or “PPs” multiple times, adults have never connected to his awkward personality, his love of comic books, or his other quirks (namely his photographic memory, being on the autism spectrum, and developmental coordination disorder). Things change for him though when he’s introduced to Gil and Margie, and he quickly learns that there’s more to his new foster parents than meets the eye.

As a loyal fan of the superhero genre, I’m always happy when there’s a great new book to read. The book is action-packed and fast-paced. I loved how the author built comic books and superheroes into the worldbuilding of the story. I also appreciated how the big superhero organization in the book did not try to copy the Justice League or the Avengers. MASC (Multinational Authority for Superhuman Control) occupies a very different role in the world than the two other organizations do.

While superheroes are a big focus of the book, Mr. Peters also focuses on some more mundane topics like adoption and neurodivergence. Logan’s been somewhat hardened by the multiple failed fosterings, so he resists warming up to Gil and Margie (expecting he’ll be back in the orphanage before the month is out). Their initial awkwardness (due to hiding their secret identities as superheroes) doesn’t help matters. There’s also the issue of Logan’s quirks. Most are put off by the multitude of random facts he spouts (courtesy of his photographic memory), and his autistic nature makes some of the more nuanced social interactions in his new school challenging. Never fear though – things work out well in the end for Logan, and he even has his own “superpower” just like his new parents! You’ll have to read the book to find out exactly what I mean.

The only weakness of the book I noticed, and an area of confusion for me as a reader, was the connection to Logan’s (possible) sibling. Logan opens the book directly speaking to a sibling, and the book is pretty much a diary addressed to them. He even has a best big brother shirt that means a lot to him. However, said sibling doesn’t actually show up in the book. That was a letdown for me, so I’m hoping they’ll show up later in the series.

It’s reminiscent of a cross between Disney’s The Incredibles and Meet the Robinsons. If you or a young reader would enjoy a story filled with superheroes, friendship, found family, and lots of comic references, then pick up this book today! It would also be a great choice for those looking for a mainstream book featuring adoption and fostering. I’m excited to see what’s next for Logan in the sequel, The Unforgettable Logan Foster and the Shadow of Doubt (which comes out in January 2023).

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