The Stuff of Stars by David Litwack

The Stuff of Stars by David Litwack
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full (240 pages)
Rating: 4 stars
Review by: Rose

Book 2 of The Seekers series continues the story started in the critically-acclaimed, multiple award-winning The Children of Darkness.

Against all odds, Orah and Nathaniel have found the keep and revealed the truth about the darkness, initiating what they hoped would be a new age of enlightenment. But the people were more set in their ways than anticipated, and a faction of vicars whispered in their ears, urging a return to traditional ways.

Desperate to keep their movement alive, Orah and Nathaniel cross the ocean to seek the living descendants of the keepmasters’ kin. Those they find on the distant shore are both more and less advanced than expected.

The seekers become caught between the two sides, and face the challenge of bringing them together to make a better world. The prize: a chance to bring home miracles and a more promising future for their people. But if they fail this time, they risk not a stoning but losing themselves in the twilight of a never-ending dream.

I am very excited to discover a new author! This book is the second book of the series, but it can be read on its own—however, there appears to be background that might make the story a bit more interesting. If you’ve not read the first in the series, though, you won’t be lost—I wasn’t. However, I have bought the first book just because I want to know what happened. I enjoyed this book that much. And, I’m looking forward to next month when the last book of the trilogy is released.

Orah and Nathaniel have left their home to find the descendants of the keepmasters’ in the hope that they can return home to help their own land with what they learn. The story starts off with a bang…with Orah washed up on shore and having no idea where Nathaniel is or if he lives.

Soon they discover, to their dismay, that things on this side of the ocean is not at all what they expected and hoped for.

I really liked these characters—they are a young married couple and try to do the best they can in a touch situation. The land they have discovered has been divided into two groups and it’s very interesting to watch Orah and Nathaniel as they interact with each group.

The book is an easy read and moves quickly—so quickly I didn’t want to put the book down to do anything else! I got involved in the action and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the adults in the city and just wanted to find out what happened!

I can hardly wait until book three to find out what happens when Orah and Nathaniel return to Little Pond with what they have discovered and learned in this book.


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