The Strong Within Us by J. A. Boulet

The Strong Within Us by J. A. Boulet
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Historical
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Rose

A struggle. A war. The past. Would you recover?

Nathan Olason picks up the pieces of his life in 1893 and becomes a devoted father and grandfather. Except something from his past is holding him back.

When his grandson, Mike, announces that he is joining the Great War, Nath fears the worst. Armed and deadly, his grandson hones his marksmanship skills to a perfection not seen in any other soldier. But once Mike arrives at Vimy Ridge, France, with the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade, the biggest fight of his life has only begun.

Feeling helpless to stop this dangerous chain of events, Nath flees to a place that he thought was his salvation but turns into something else; an old weathered cottage that holds the key to his future.

Follow in the footsteps of heroes.

Be vulnerable.
Would you recover?

This is the second book in the The Olason Chronicles series, but it can definitely be read on its own (because I did so–however, I’ve bought the first book and preordered the third book in the series so I can find out what happened before and what happens next with this family!).

The author does a wonderful job at explaining a time of history I am not familiar with.  It’s really a time in history many folks don’t write or talk about, and I’m pleased the author chose to write such a well-researched and clearly described story. There were times when I forgot I was reading and lost myself in the action.  I ended up reading way too late in the night!

I also really enjoyed the characters as well. They are not perfect, but they are real. And I love family sagas…following the different generations of family history and what they go through, and how their family ties help keep them strong.  I can’t wait to read more about them. The author did a fantastic job making me care about them and what happens to them.  That’s the mark of a strong author and well-written book.

Congratulations, Ms. Boulet!  I’m looking forward to book three.

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  1. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thank you so much! I’m thrilled that you were pulled into the web of my characters lives and the historical events! I spend a considerable amount of time studying and researching. I am so pleased that it shows. I always ensure that each book can be read as a standalone. I hope Bk 1 and 3 fulfills you just as much! Thank you ☺️ what a beautiful way to wake up this morning!

  3. Sounds like a very good book.

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