The Reluctant Virgin’s Daddy by Sean Michael

The Reluctant Virgin’s Daddy by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Robert Venus made a lot of money in tech, and when he sold his business for millions, he was set for life, which suits him to the bone as he never leaves the house, ever, and never interacts with anyone except his personal assistant. With his former assistant leaving to have kids, he’s forced to hire someone new and turns to the Master Temp Agency.

Ignatius Callahan has no idea what to expect as he starts his new temp job as personal assistant to Mr. Venus. When he pulls up in front of solid, ugly gates, he has a hunch this isn’t going to be a job like any of his others.

From their first meeting, Iggy is drawn to Bobby. In fact, the urge to call Bobby his boy is almost overwhelming, but the reclusive young man seems to want to hide away and disappear from the world, including Iggy. As Iggy works to draw Bobby out, he feels more and more sure that Bobby needs him as much as he needs Bobby, and he slowly breaks down Bobby’s walls.

Will Iggy and Bobby be able to find their happy ending together?

The temp agency Ignatius works for has sometimes simply placed him without any pre-interview before, so when he’s assigned to be Robert Venus’ personal assistant Ignatius has no idea what he’s heading into. Right from the moment they met Iggy is drawn to Bobby and those initial feelings only grow. Ignatius is desperate to draw Bobby out, and as they begin to get to know each other better Iggy is more certain than ever they are perfectly suited and really do need each other. As the urge to call Bobby his boy feels overwhelming, can Iggy and Bobby find what they’re really looking for?

I enjoyed this steamy full length story. I was particularly pleased that Iggy didn’t immediately start trying to be intimate with Bobby. It was pretty clear Robert had some emotional baggage and was hiding away from the world for his own reasons and so I feel it would have been inappropriate for Iggy to just blaze in and assume he could make everything fine and fix it all with sensuality and intimacy. The time they took getting to know each other and bonding emotionally and forging that friendship was really critical to my mind and not only made the story more believable but helped me as a reader to see why they connected and how this could work between them in the longer term. I felt that was really well handled and it helped make the intimacy when the men got there feel a lot more special and important.

The intimacy was hot and very very mildly kinky. I was really pleased that there wasn’t an enormous drama or dwelling on the fact that Robert is a virgin and while this is acknowledged there wasn’t some major past hurt or heavy plot revolved around that aspect. The very mild kink comes from the fact Iggy enjoys being a “Daddy” and I was pleased this aspect wasn’t the main focus of the story either, more just one of the many plot points. While Robert doesn’t have any experience with this I was pleased Iggy introduced the style and thoughts behind it slowly and gradually and Robert definitely appeared curious and receptive. Readers looking for a heavily BDSM lifestyle story might find that aspect of this story a bit light for their tastes, but personally I felt it had a good balance and was portrayed in what I could believe is a realistic and sensitive matter.

My only real problem with the story was that at times the story felt a little too unrealistic and rose-tinted-glasses. The romance and blossoming intimacy between Iggy and Bobby pretty much overshadowed everything else at times and in a number of places I found myself pausing mid-sentence and wondering at the amount of time Iggy and Robert had spent together either eating, exploring each other sexually or otherwise not doing their work or answering emails etc., which was portrayed as the whole reason Robert hired Iggy to be his PA. I feel a little more balance – even just a few more casual references to “after Iggy had caught up on the work emails and handled a few call-backs etc.” just to highlight the fact that the “real life” aspect to Iggy’s job and Robert’s business were being handled in the downtime off-screen in between the two men learning about each other and establishing their romantic relationship. I couldn’t help but feel this side to the story was left lagging just a little, even though I thoroughly enjoyed the romance and relationship that grew between Iggy and Bobby.

With two interesting and relatable characters that I felt were well fleshed out and not just cookie-cutter, and a lovely slow moving sensual pace to the story this was a delicious and satisfying read. I enjoyed the slower-than-usual pace to the romance and feel overall this should appeal to a wide range of readers.

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