The Real Thing by Elizabeth Hollows

The Real Thing by Elizabeth Hollows
Publisher: Totally Entwined
Genre: LGBTQ, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Action/Adventure
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

One soldier home from training. Two best friends secretly in love. A plan to fake a romantic Valentine’s weekend. Will it be happiness or heartbreak?

Chad Anderson is a proud soldier with a promising career. He has almost got the perfect life, but for one small snag. Chad has been holding a candle for his best friend since he was seventeen.

Gareth Jenkins lives with him, along with his rescue dog. It’s the perfect arrangement and almost as good as the real thing—but it isn’t the real thing.

To make matters worse, it’s Valentine’s Day, and Chad will be returning from training for the holiday. It would be the ideal time to confess—but it has been nearly ten years. It’s long past the time to say something.

But he isn’t the only one with a candle.

Gareth might be a confident hairdresser with a flirtatious manner and easy-to-love personality, but it doesn’t help him where it counts. Because Gareth’s first love is his sexy soldier best friend, and one of these days, Gareth is sure he’s going to ruin everything with an unwanted kiss.

And if things aren’t bad enough for both of them, Chad comes up with an idea that might spell the end for their secrets. Because, instead of spending Valentine’s alone, he suggests they spend it having the weekend they’ve always wanted.

To do it, they’ll fake being a romantic couple.

When what they want is playing out right in front of them, can both men keep their feelings contained?

Two best friends, a yearning so deep it’s never going away and a love to last forever.

I love the work of Elizabeth Hollows, so I knew I had to read this book. I wasn’t disappointed. This was a quickly paced book, with endearing characters and a lot of humor.

Gareth loves Chad and Chad loves him, but like life, sometimes it takes a while to work out. I loved that the author gave these characters time to figure out what they wanted, while showing they had it all along. I like the idea of a fake it ’til they make it situation and this one delivers. Plus, it’s hot!

If you’re looking for a sweet, hot story with some great friends to lovers, then this might be the one for you. Try it!

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