The Object of Your Affections by Falguni Kothari

The Object of Your Affections by Falguni Kothari
Publisher: Graydon House
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (368 pgs)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Two best friends rewrite the rules of friendship, love and family…and change everything they thought they knew about motherhood

Paris Kahn Fraser has it all—a successful career as an assistant district attorney, a beautiful home in New York City, and a handsome, passionate husband who chose her over having a family of his own. Neal’s dream of fatherhood might have been the only shadow in their otherwise happy life…until Paris’s best friend comes to town.

Naira Dalmia never thought she’d be a widow before thirty. Left reeling in the aftermath of her husband’s death, all she wants is to start over. She trades Mumbai for New York, and rigid family expectations for the open acceptance of her best friend. After all, there isn’t anything she and Paris wouldn’t do for each other.

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Wry, daring and utterly absorbing, The Object of Your Affections is an unforgettable story about two women challenging the norms…and the magic that happens when we choose to forge our own path.

My best friend, my saving grace…my surrogate?

I’ve never read a book by Kothari, so this was a new-to-me author. I like finding books that are genuine and original. This was one of those books. The writing is fast-paced and I couldn’t put the book down.

That said, the characters were…interesting. I’m not sure if I liked them or hated them. Maybe a bit of both. Paris could be incredibly whiny and full of herself, but I understood why–she has to be forceful in the courtroom and when she’s out of it, then she can lose control. She’s relateable, but yet, I still wasn’t a fan. I kept thinking, someone give her a reality check. But, you see, I was emotionally invested. So, kudos to the author.

Then there’s Neal, Paris’s husband. He’s a piece of work. He’s a playboy and knows it. I wasn’t sure he really wanted kids, but that was okay. I wasn’t a fan of his, either.

Now there’s Naira. She’s Paris’s best friend. I get it. I’ve had best friends who seemed to have it all and it can be tough to watch. When Paris doesn’t want to get pregnant, she has Naira step in. Good in theory, but questionable in real life. I got the ups and downs Naira dealt with when pregnant. It’s a rollercoaster. Then she’s close-ish to Neal. She’s trying to be a good friend and there were times when I don’t know how she kept going. She had to be my favorite character.
I understood the jealousy by Paris, but there were times when I wanted more from Paris. I wanted to be shown her anguish and explained why more often, not told.

If you want a book that’s full of drama and shows the true bonds of friendship, then this might be the book for you. Give it a try.

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