The Last De Burgh by Deborah Simmons


The Last De Burgh by Deborah Simmons
Publisher: Harlequin Historical
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (283 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

Destined for the convent, Emery Montbard disguises herself as a boy and enlists the help of chivalrous knight Nicholas de Burgh.

From a proud, dynastic family, Nicholas has a strong code of honor—which is challenged when he notices the provocative curves of his mysterious companion. Doesn’t she realize that she gives away her true identity every time she moves? But Nicholas also hides a secret—one that lies at the very heart of him and can never be revealed….

With Nicholas, Emery had some wonderfully stable times even amongst the chaos that seem to lurk around every corner. The troubling times help to bring these unlikely companions together, but the thing that brought them together may also be the one thing that can tear them apart.

Nicholas is everything you would want in a knight of his time. He is strong, cunning, and stubborn in his resolve. Most of all he is a man of his word and when he makes a vow no matter the size he intends to see it through the end even at the risk of his life. These characteristics would make any woman swoon in his presence. Though, for a while I had to question if he was dim witted since he seemed to have difficulty seeing Emery for who and what she truly was, even when his squire Guy was so quick to pick on the subtleties. I quickly learned that he was not dim witted, but instead like many, he could not see past what he wanted to see to learn the truth about what was in front of him. While this may seem like something negative to another, I appreciated that it showed that he may not be as perfect as others perceived the De Burgh family members to be.

Emery’s resolve to help her brother no matter the cost is extremely noble. It is clear from the very beginning that the love for her brother has been her driving force in many instances. While the love for a sibling may be what made her start her journey, it may not necessarily be the driving force in the end. Another enduring quality of Emery’s is her ability to keep up with the boys, yet display her femininity depending on what the situation calls for. At some times I found myself forgetting the woman underneath the cloths and the boy everyone else seen where one and the same. It also made me want to learn more about her both past and present.

This story was truly a incomparable experience for me. Historical romance is a genre which is fairly new to me and, in order to engage my interest really need to have some unique aspect to pique my interest.  What attracted me first to this was that the author incorporated the Templar knights in the story. While the involvement of the Templar’s may have been what made me start the story I can honestly say that the author’s dynamic plotlines and entertaining characters are what drove me to finish the story. The various twist and turns the characters must face both from external factors as well as their own personal journeys kept  me reading well into the late night hours, and had me opening my eyes in the morning to read more. It was a delight to able to experience this other world and I could actually picture these historical characters wandering the world we once lived in.

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