The Illustrious Client by Sandra de Helen

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The Illustrious Client by Sandra de Helen
Publisher: McCorkle Ink
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: Full (176 pgs)
Rated: 3.5 star
Review by Rose

Book Two of the Shirley Combs and Dr. Mary Watson series, THE ILLUSTRIOUS CLIENT, shows us the private investigator and her sidekick sharing an office, and introduces their receptionist, Lix. They are hired to influence a young international pop star, Oceane Charles, to pry her away from her older, richer, player of a girlfriend. The cast is made up of people with various ethnicities and backgrounds, and of course the job soon includes solving a murder mystery. Along the way, Mary discovers her latent lesbianism. Set in Portland, Oregon on a superyacht, in a hospital VIP room, at Rose Festival, and other fun places.

This is the second book of the Shirley Combs/Dr. Mary Watson mystery series. If you are a lover of Sherlock Holmes, this is a fun look at what might happen had the characters been women and in the present day.

The books’ titles are taken from Sherlock Holmes’ own stories and this book is loosely based on the one of the same title. However, this is not just a retelling of the Holmes stories. Ms. de Helen definitely makes it her own.

The clues and red herrings as the pair solve the mystery are well placed. The plot was strong and interesting, and like a really good mystery, I couldn’t figure out “whodunnit” and was surprised by the reveal at the end.

It was hard for me to get a fix on Mary, even though the story is written in first person POV. Normally that makes it easier for me to become one with the main character, but in this case I didn’t connect quite as well with her as I would have liked. I’m planning to get the first book of the series— maybe that will help me get to know her better. I also though there were a few too many references about Mary’s smart phone and smart car.

Even with that, though, this was an enjoyable book and I finished it in one sitting. It’s a fresh and unique take on Sherlock Holmes, and I’m looking forward to more of the series.


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