The Heracian Affair by Liv Olteano

The Heracian Affair by Liv Olteano
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Length: Short Story (140 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal sex, Mild BDSM
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

Even years after Rizzo Berg’s lover and Dom died in combat, the memories torment him. Following a particularly disappointing date, Rizzo goes to sleep in his apartment only to wake up on a spaceship with tall, gorgeous, alien Captain Conrad D’Ollet of Heracia, a man so deliciously dominant Rizzo’s knees turn to jelly.

Apparently the Heracians need help, and Rizzo is a humanitarian through and through. Spending more time around Conrad is totally not one of the reasons he wants to lend a hand.

Soon Rizzo finds himself completely conquered and blissfully owned. But neither he nor Conrad is willing to risk his heart, let go of the past, and dare to believe in a future that won’t end in catastrophe.

When asked to save a species it’s only polite to say yes, even if it involves masturbating. Rizzo went to bed after some boring sex with a soon to be ex-boyfriend. Disgruntled, but ultimately accepting of his fate Rizzo never expected to wake up on an alien ship demanding use of his “swimmers.” Heracians have kidnapped Rizzo and convince him that they need his donation to help save their race. Although he may not be a nice person, Rizzo can’t say no. He’s willing to help them out with his hand when his smart mouth gets him into trouble with the sexy ship captain. Now it looks like he may have more reasons to stay.

The Heracian Affair is a smoking hot and delightful science fiction tale. The world building is superior as it creates a world similar to a post-apocalyptic earth. The aliens, or Heracians, look like humans but are actually an evolved species that incorporates artificial intelligence with human biology. To ensure the robotics do not take over, Heracians need to breed with humans. Ideally the humans would stay and help raise the children but at the very least, donations of sperm or eggs are required. Rizzo decides not only to help the aliens but he finds himself falling in love with the dominant and frustrating Conrad.

The relationship between the two is blisteringly passionate. There’s a mild BDSM, mostly in the form of Conrad dominating Rizzo sexually. Rizzo is more than capable of taking care of himself whenever he chooses. There’s a dramatic turn of events towards the end that threatens the relationship and I’m not entirely satisfied with how the book chose to resolve things. It makes for a very solid happy ending but I was left wanting. Other than that one small issue, there’s very few negatives I can point out.

Instead, the otherworldliness, action style plot and electric sex scenes make this a sure winner for me. The writing is inventive, creative, and smooth. There are numerous interesting characters and I could think of several ideas for sequels. It’s easy to ignore any bumps in the road with clear chemistry between the men and a fun story that highlights the science fiction aspects while delivering a decent plot. I genuinely look forward to reading more of these characters and can recommend this book for science fiction m/m lovers. Don’t miss out!

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