The Guardian’s Heart by Michel Prince

The Guardian’s Heart by Michel Prince
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (183 pgs)
Other: M/F, Interracial Relationship
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Peppermint

Case Thomas is always in control whether its on the basketball court, the lab where he works, or in his love life. He thinks he has everything all figured out. All that changes when his parents pass away during his last year of college and Case is thrown into fatherhood when he becomes temporary guardian to two adorable twin toddlers. Weeks later, exhausted and running out of time, Case must decide if he’s ready to become a father to these children, or give them up and move on with what’s left of his life. Then he meets Gabbie Vaulst.

Gabbie is amazing with the kids, owns her own business, and has all the right curves in all the right places. She can tell Case is attracted to her, but does he really love her or is he just settling for a surrogate Mom who can wrangle his new kids? Knowing that she’s falling in love with him, she chooses to push him away until his world straightens out. Can Case prove to Gabbie, and himself, that his feelings are real? Or is this sudden family too much for both of them to handle?

The odds, as well as members of their past who’ve come out of the woodwork, are against them, but when kids are involved, all bets are off.

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If Case’s sexy dreads and athletic physic is not enough to get a girl hot, then surely his ability to step up and be the man and father his siblings needs will. Not only does he have a big enough heart to step into the shoes of his father, but he also has enough space left to teach Gabbie how a real man woos and cares for a woman. Case made me look at the men around me and question whether they would be willing or able to do what Case did. At some point I stopped seeing him as a character in a story and started to view him as a flesh and blood man. Now if only I could find out where he lives. Gabbie might have some competition!

Gabbie has been through so much pain, yet she still finds a way to put that aside and be there for everyone. Even through her insecurities it is clear she is able to bring the best out of people. Whether it be her friends, Case, or the kids, even if she can’t recognize it: the best within herself. While I normally find myself drawn towards the male characters in a story I can honestly say that Gabbie also stole my heart. She was a simple, admirable character in a story and was able to give me someone to aspire to be like. I would say that is a truly remarkable feat for this author to have achieved, and was enough to make me want to read even more by Author Michel Prince.

It was clear that the author really had a heart for this story. Maybe it was because the story pulled me in as if I was watching it unfold right in front of me instead of in a book. I can honestly say that I found both Gabbie and Case truly inspirational in their ability to overcome their personal difference and decide to care for each other as well as two young children. This is a story I can see myself reading over and over again when I find myself needed to be inspired.


  1. Thank you for your review and I love that you too became friends with my characters.

  2. Agree! Loved this book. Sending out a request to the universe … send me a Case Thomas. 🙂

  3. Michel Prince is a phenomenal writer! Can’t wait to see what she has in store for the future…!

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