The Greek’s Pregnant Cinderella by Michelle Smart

The Greek’s Pregnant Cinderella by Michelle Smart
Publisher: Harlequin Presents
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (224 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

“You will go to the ball.”

And be seduced by a billionaire…

Hotel maid Tabitha is stunned to be gifted a ticket to an elite ball hosted by Greek tycoon Giannis Basinas. It’s meant to be a night of pure luxury. But this untouched Cinderella ends up in Giannis’s bed—utterly pleasured! Making a hasty morning exit out the window, Tabitha expects to return to her ordinary life. Until she discovers her midnight mischief had nine-month consequences!

Lose yourself in this enchanting Cinderella story…

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The initial meeting between the two is magical, as it was meant to be. Then real life comes along and throws the hero a curveball. Tabitha is not who he thought and of course he’s furious. No alpha male takes being duped lying down. Even though lying down was sort of the catalyst for what happens in the story.

Tabitha was an interesting Cinderella-like heroine. She’s sweet and beaten down but unlike the fairy tale, she has the capacity to save herself. She just doesn’t know it. I have no idea what a ‘twonk’ is but I grinned when the heroine used the word. Actually, she let loose some really great lines of dialogue throughout the novel and I enjoyed that tremendously.

I also liked reading about the few times Giannis’s heart experienced a wrenching feeling because I knew what that meant. The romance had begun and Tabitha was getting under his thick hide. Corporate movers and shakers who think they have life figured out, and everything in life is going to be on their terms because they have money and power, well, let’s just say they don’t handle things well when they discover they’ve been lying to themselves. Giannis most definitely didn’t handle it well. Being able to see inside his head was interesting because he was so torn! He beat himself up for wanting Tabitha but for some reason he just couldn’t resist her. It was driving him nuts. I knew what was going on and I thought his fractious behavior highly entertaining. This was so much fun!

The plot really took off when Niki, Giannis’s sister, pops in. The love game was afoot and perceptions started to get blown to pieces. I really liked the hero’s sister. She was fun.

The passion between the two is off the charts and a reader is treated to detailed, spicy/hot shenanigans leaving no doubt they are highly compatible. Volatile, but compatible.

When I finally got to the good stuff, when Tabitha reveals who she really is, what she’s been through and how pragmatic and sweet she still was, Giannis’s reaction was all I could hope for in a hero. Okay, he did make a few stupid ‘man’ decisions but once again Niki took him to task as only a sister could. I really, really liked his sister.

There’s actually a lot more I can say about this story but I’ll end here by saying that I absolutely enjoyed reading The Greek’s Pregnant Cinderella. For fans of the fairy tale trope, this is excellent brain candy and I definitely recommend reading this one.

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