The First Time Again by Barbara Meyers

The First Time Again by Barbara Meyers
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (305 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

There’s no defense when love blindsides your heart.

The Braddock Brotherhood, Book 3

Once Trey Christopher was the small-town golden boy. Now he’s just another burned-out, washed-up ex-quarterback with a bum knee, a tarnished reputation, and a simple wish. To be the kind of man he can face in the mirror.

Moving back home is a start, as is hiring a down-on-her-luck local woman to help him out around his grandparents’ old homestead.

The last thing Baylee Westring wants is to clean house for a high school crush who barely remembers her name, but Trey’s money will finally top off her get-out-of-Hendersonville-forever escape fund.

Before she hits the road, though, Baylee’s got something for the man she still finds wildly attractive: the virginity he almost—but not quite—took during a drunken teenage party.

Neither is prepared for the emotional impact of that encounter. But just when Baylee dares to believe in happy ever after, an old enemy turns up to even the score. And Trey finds his heart left in the red zone, with his last chance for love ticking down to zero.

There are times that we all mess up, and then seek a little redemption and forgiveness. Trey Christopher is one who does just that. At one time, Trey could have had it all- a great football career, a woman by his side that loved him, and the title of the town’s golden boy. One small mistake led to another. Now Trey comes home to face the demons of his past and to learn how to fix his wrong doings.

This story’s leading lady is Baylee. Her family life is in peril, but Baylee carried the pain on her shoulder and strives to make her way out of this small town that isn’t working in her favor. A job opportunity has a chance of changing her life, in more ways than one. Baylee is a strong woman, she’s the kind of person that will be there for her family even when things are at their worst. Her father struggles through a drinking problem, her sister has her own troubles, and she’s got an adopted brother that ends up in trouble after trouble. What’s left?

I wasn’t sure about Trey when I started reading. I remember him from the first book in the series, and his picture wasn’t painted perfectly at all. As I said, even the messed up heroes need a little love too. I’d say Trey redeemed himself fairly nicely in this story. As I kept reading on, I learned he isn’t so bad after all. Sure, he did some stupid stuff, but he’s now learning from his mistakes, and his heart is opening to the possibility of love. It takes a lot of struggle, but Trey is learning what it takes to be the kind of man Baylee needs.

This is a great contemporary romance full of heart, a bit of heat, and the strong ties to family. I enjoyed reading Baylee and Trey’s story. There’s definitely some character growth, especially for Trey and I liked how the plot kept thickening as the odds seemed stacked against this unlikely pair. It made their path to a happily ever after one that I had to see through. I rooted from the pair from the first time they connected.

The First Time Again is emotionally charged, sexy, and fun. If you’re looking for a great read, I recommend this story. Yes, it’s book three in a series, but it’s definitely a good standalone. I enjoy this authors work and will easily seek out more stories from Ms. Meyers.

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