The First Step by Shira Anthony

The First Step by Shira Anthony
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (229 pages)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A Coastal Carolina Novel The first step is the hardest. After a scandal, New York political reporter Reed Barfield is lying low at the North Carolina coast, writing a story about the seafood industry. But it’s the harbor pilots on the Cape Fear River who capture his interest—men who jump across ten feet of open ocean to grab a rope ladder and guide huge container ships into port. Men like sexy but prickly Justin Vance. After surviving an abusive childhood and a tour in the Navy, Justin isn’t fazed by his dangerous job—it’s certainly easier to face than Reed’s annoying questions. Justin isn’t out at work, and he doesn’t need Reed digging into his personal life or his past. But Reed’s no stranger to using his considerable charm to get what he wants, and as he wears Justin down, they realize they have a lot in common—and that they like spending time together. Moving beyond that, though, will mean Justin confessing his sexuality and learning to trust Reed with his secrets—if Reed even decides to stay. Both men want a future together, but can they find the courage to take the first step?

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I enjoyed this full length story. I found both Reed and Justin to be interesting characters and they captured my attention from the first chapter. Justin’s character could be described as prickly – but I didn’t find him stand-off-ish at all. I enjoyed that he wasn’t dazzled by Reed’s charm or suave personality. I found Justin to be a down-to-earth, private kind of person and this actually made Justin and Reed’s initial few interactions a lot more interesting than I feel they would have been had the two men been instantly smitten. This also helped add a strong sense of reality to the story for me and I greatly enjoyed that.

I liked how Reed’s back-story – the circumstances that had him out of New York and in a sleepy coastal town in North Carolina – was properly explained quite early on in the story. I also enjoyed the cheekiness of how Reed was meant to be covering an environmental story, but this story about the harbor pilots and the unsung heroes was what really called to him and was the story he felt passionate about. It helped flesh out Reed into more than just a story-hound chasing glory and the next big break and into a more real person, someone who was passionate about their work, but also wanted to tell real stories and shed light onto people who deserve it. I found it easy to get caught up in Reed’s enthusiasm and passion and this helped me get really into the story as a whole.

Readers who like a slow-burning romance should find this story really fits the bill for them. I loved how Reed and Justin had plenty of time to get to know each other and how they (and us!) discovered neither was as simple or quite what the other expected. This slower pace in the men’s romance was lovely and I found it engrossing to read. The sex was hot and emotional between the two men and I felt it really added to the story and wasn’t just thrown in to give the content an explicit rating.

With a strong and interesting plot, a good set of secondary characters and two heroes that I found engaging and deliciously complex this was a great story. I’d happily read more by this author and can recommend this story for most readers.

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