The Enemy’s Daughter by Sam Crescent

The Enemy’s Daughter by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (115 Pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Alaric Patterson is a powerful man, but he has just lost the most important deal of his life to his long term rival. Alaric is tired of fighting, so he comes up with a plan. His enemy has a daughter, a very plain woman. Alaric is going to find her, make her fall in love with him, and then he’s going to break her.

Bella Reed works at a veterinary practice, and when an older man brings in a cute pup, she does whatever she can to help. Still, she’s a little taken aback when that same man wants to take her out on a date.

Before long she has accepted a date, and then another, and another. Little by little, Alaric gets to know the woman he intended to hurt, and he can’t do it. He’s falling in love with her, and Bella is falling for him.

But—he has lied to her. She doesn’t know his real name or the truth, and there’s nothing he can do about it. He’s stuck.

The moment Bella discovers the truth, she is heartbroken. The first man she truly loved has betrayed her. It takes an unlikely source to show her that sometimes love is about second chances, about forgiving, and about never living a moment filled with regret.

This book was another great page turner from Sam Crescent. I loved that this one had loads of hot sex, but at the same time it was simply an old fashioned romantic love story. That gets to me every single time. Sam Crescent had captured my interest from the first page until the last.

Alaric Patterson was a powerful man who couldn’t stand losing a deal to a business rival. He hatched a revenge plan to seduce the man’s daughter and then break her heart. He didn’t count on falling in love and then seeking his lover’s forgiveness but that was exactly what happened. Now, I loved both of these characters even though Alaric started out as a cold hearted player. Bella followed the usual playbook for this author. To use her own words she was chunky, but Bella was happy with herself. She was sweet, funny, and actually had some attitude. She didn’t let Alaric get away with anything. On Alaric’s behalf he hated lying to her almost immediately. He was just afraid to tell her about his deception and then Bella inevitably figured it out anyway.

Sam Crescent definitely knows how to write an emotional story and make it sizzling hot as an extra bonus. This book was a fantastic short romance that I was able to read in one sitting. It was fast paced and well written. It even introduced Alaric’s partner who was having some woman troubles of his own, so he’s probably getting his own book. I’m always happy to get more books from this amazing author.

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