The Dybbuk’s Mirror by Alisse Lee Goldenberg

The Dybbuk’s Mirror by Alisse Lee Goldenberg
Publisher: Prizm Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (227 Pages)
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

It has been nearly two years since the events in The Strings of the Violin, and Carrie has adjusted to life as a university student far from her friends. However, when the path to Hadariah is sealed, she starts to fear malevolent forces may be behind the other strange occurrences around her. After trying to contact Lindsay and Rebecca to get help in unraveling the mystery, Carrie discovers that her friends are in fact missing. With no way of knowing who to trust, Carrie must find a way back to the land she once saved to rescue her friends from the dybbuks’ clutches. Reuniting with the dybbuk princess Emilia, and finding a new friend in the mysterious farmer Mikhail, Carrie must once again do battle with Asmodeus’s forces, and help stop the chaos that threatens to overtake the land while striving to save both Lindsay and Rebecca. For the first time, Carrie is working without the two friends who have helped her through every major decision in her life. Carrie must learn to rely on herself, and find her own strengths to save those she holds dear.

Carrie can’t understand why no one seems to remember her best friends, Lindsay and Rebecca. Her parents try to convince her that those names belong to the imaginary friends she had when she was little. Her college friends have no memory of Carrie’s ever talking about them or their visits to her at college. Has the whole world gone mad? Is Carrie all alone now? Why can’t she find a portal through to the land of Hadariah, a land she and her friends saved two years ago. And now, to add to her growing anxiety, she is being stalked.
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Carrie’s character is well developed and her worries are certainly understandable and very real. When her supposed stalker turns out to be Mikhail, a guard sent by the dybbuk princess, Emilia, to protect Carrie after Rebecca and Lindsay have been kidnapped, Carrie demands information and soon, she is back in the land of Hadariah trying to rescue her friends.

The action is fast-paced and very exciting. Carrie, Emilia, and Mikhail run into one adventure after another and the rescuing of her friends soon looks like an impossible task. The three of them work well together, each bringing a particular skill or perspective.

My only complaint is that I found the dialogue to be rather unnatural and wooden at times. I found myself saying more than once that a person would never have said something. The dialogue just doesn’t always ring true, and it doesn’t help to build the tension and excitement.

This is the second novel, following The Strings of the Violin, and I certainly hope that a third novel will be forthcoming very soon as I want to know what happens next. This novel ends at a reasonable stopping point, but certainly the story is far from over.

Fantasy lovers will find a lot to enjoy in this novel as Carrie has to stand on her own and lead the rescue mission. She holds her friends’ lives in her hands. Will she succeed in saving them?

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