The Cycle of Harm by MH Snowy

The Cycle of Harm by MH Snowy
Publisher: Pygaso Productions
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Full Length (290 pgs)
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Rose

Nightmares or waking dreams? Only the keeper of the Legend knows… and it’s up to him to keep them from Harm!

By day, Jeffery is the best friend of Montague the Magician. By night, he’s the powerful warrior, Harm, The Legend, who leads a band of Berserkers—ridding the land of evil while saving villages by the score. Only Montague knows the villagers also have to cough up a hefty pouch of coin for the privilege of being rescued!

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THE CYCLE OF HARM—enter a world of magic, mayhem, and mystery you may never be able to leave… if the Spirit of Lohocla captures you in its embrace!

I was excited to see this book pop up for review – I had read Ms. Snowy’s previous book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was not at all disappointed with this novel.

Ms. Snowy drops the reader squarely in the story with Montague and Harm imprisoned and Harm unconscious. I found myself wondering if this was the second part of a series and I had somehow missed the first book. Not to fear, though, I soon found myself caught up in the story.

I love these characters… especially Loom, a mute with a talent for communication, and Nolsun, who is caught up in the quest through no fault of his own. Their quest is saving villages… and they wander from village to village completing this task. Harm never remembers what happens once he becomes “the Legend” and Montague has to tell him the next morning. Harm trusts him without question.

There is more to this story that meets the eye and I cannot reveal more without major spoilers. This is a fun book—it’s an easy read and the characters are well worth spending a few hours with. Thanks, Ms. Snowy… I look forward to your next work.


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