The Cold Hearth by Garth Pettersen

The Cold Hearth by Garth Pettersen
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (300 pgs)
Rated: 5 stars
Reviewed by Rose

“The sons of Cnute are dead men.” The dying words of his brother’s assailant travel across the North Sea to the English Midlands.

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Now the threat of unknown enemies casts a long shadow. Should they distrust the brooding Saxon neighbor or the two weapon-bearers they hired for protection? Should they suspect either of the two women they have taken on with the other hirelings? Only their Jewish warrior friend, Ravya ben Naaman, seems to be the only one above suspicion.

Once again, Garth Pettersen has wowed me. I somehow missed the second book in the series (though I have already bought it and can hardly wait to dive into it), but I still enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first book.

Harald and Selia are now married and taking up residence in Mercia– far from the king’s court and, they hope, from the various intrigues and machinations that thrive in political turmoil. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us) things do not go as smoothly as they would like.

Once again, I love the characters – especially Harald, Selia, Ravya, and Erral. They are wonderfully complex and multi-dimensional. It’s interesting to see how they overcome their pasts and strive to become the people they want to be.

It’s obvious the author has done his research, and I really appreciate all the small things he does to flavor the story, the small tidbits of the daily life of the period and the scattering of foreign words (clearly explained by the context of the sentence).

The story is fast-paced with enough twists and turns to hold the reader’s attention. Wonderful job, Mr. Pettersen! I can hardly wait to read further adventures in The Atheling Chronicles.


  1. James Robert says

    Thanks for sharing your book with us. I think we all enjoy hearing about new books we previously didn’t know about. Also, thank you for the giveaway.

  2. Thanks for hosting!

  3. bernie wallace says

    I like the cover. Did you help design it?

    • I gave some feedback on the cover, but the credit goes to lovely Simona Cora Salardi of Cora Graphics in Italy. I so love this cover. We’ve used the same format on books 1 and 2. I am so fortunate to have her as cover designer.

  4. Thank you, Long and Short Reviews, for hosting and thank you for the exceptional review. I will be back to my computer at different times today, but will answer all comments and questions.

  5. Thanks again. What a great website you have. I love stopping here. All the best.

  6. Diana Hardt says

    Nice cover. It sounds like a really interesting book. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Bernard Wallace says

    Do you find a difficult time concentrating on your work due to everything going on in the country right now?

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    Who is your favorite literary character?

  9. Bernie Wallace says

    Who is your favorite author? Congrats on the release.

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    Which character was your favorite character to write for?

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    Would you ever like to see your book turned into a book or tv show?

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    Who are some of your favorite authors still currently writing?

  13. Bernie Wallace says

    Sounds like an interesting read. I hope your book is a success.

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