The Apprentice by Pilar Molina Llorente

The Apprentice by Pilar Molina Llorente
Publisher: Square Fish
Genre: Historical, Middle Grade (8 – 12 y.o.), Fiction
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

In Renaissance Florence, thirteen-year-old apprentice Arduino’s dreams of being a painter are challenged after he discovers the extreme measures the Maestro Cosimo di Forlç will take in the name of jealousy. Arduino faces a decision that could cost him his only chance to realize his life’s dream.

Arduino’s dream is finally within reach.
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Arduino comes from a family of very successful tailors. While Arduino’s father and brothers enjoy their work, Arduino dreams of taking a different path. He dreams of becoming a painter. Arduino comes from a happy home, and I love seeing healthy families represented in children and young adult books. Consequently, Arduino isn’t pursuing a dream of becoming an artist as a way to escape from home. He’s doing it because it is his passion. Despite his reluctance to disappoint his father, Arduino’s restlessness radiates off the pages. Arduino knows that becoming a painter will not be easy, but his heart is set on it. Even though his father disapproves, he arranges an apprenticeship for Arduino with Cosimo di Forli. Unfortunately, the apprenticeship is nothing like Arduino imagined.

I felt so sorry for Arduino. Cosimo is always in a foul mood and doesn’t teach Arduino anything. Instead, Arduino’s time is consumed with doing menial tasks and chores. As if that weren’t bad enough, the food is terrible, and there isn’t even room for Arduino in the bedroom with the other apprentices. I admire Arduino for putting up with it all. He has a good heart and is truly dedicated to his dream of becoming a painter. Everything changes when Arduino discovers Cosimo has a terrible secret. Arduino has a tough decision to make. Will he reveal what Cosimo has done even if it means the end of his apprenticeship, or can he find a way to do what is right and hold on to his dream?

The Apprentice is an intriguing and fast paced story. As I read with my children, they were so wrapped up in Arduino’s story that at the end of each chapter they would beg me to read more! In addition to being an engaging story, Ms. Llorente provides historical information concerning life and social customs during the Renaissance, life as an apprentice, and even a bit on the differences in the situations of men and women. All of this information is smoothly incorporated into the story so it doesn’t feel forced or slow the pacing of the story.

I enjoyed reading The Apprentice. Arduino’s story is captivating, and the ending is absolutely wonderful! Fans of children’s historical fiction would do well to give this story a try.

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