The Apples & Gin Shorts by Jenna Jones

The Apples & Gin Shorts by Jenna Jones
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (80 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

This trio of short stories features Noah Kingston and Sawyer Shaw from Apples & Gin, a photographer and a country singer doing their best to stay in love despite distance, disapproval, and the occasional disagreement. From snowed-in airports to walking down the aisle, Noah and Sawyer know one thing is certain: true love is delicious.

Animal Crackers:

Noah was stuck at the airport, grounded by snow. It’s the day before Valentine’s day, and he hasn’t seen Sawyer for almost two weeks. Despite the fact they’d never made a big deal out of the day before, this was the first Valentine’s day they’d been engaged for, and for some reason Noah wanted it to be special.

I found this to be a really sweet and somewhat tender story. This is the first book I’ve read about these two men, and even though this is clearly mid-way through a series, I didn’t find that detracted at all from my enjoyment.

Noah and Sawyer are a solid, very loving couple and watching their antics was fun and delicious. There was none of that awkward, getting-to-know-you stage but it was lovely to still see them learning new things and exploring their future together. I thoroughly enjoyed this and was really excited to read more about these two.

Birthday Cake:

It’s Sawyer’s birthday, and Noah wants to give him a special day. While they always spent their birthdays together, Sawyer only wanted a day with Noah – so that was exactly what he planned to get. When Noah discovers Sawyer has a few tricks up his sleeve, the day turns out to be far more important – and special – than he could have ever imagined.

I really enjoyed this story. Sawyer and Noah are both extremely comfortable with each other, but it was nice to see Noah have to stretch a little. Sawyer might be the singer and musician, but Noah has a lovely voice and Sawyers insistence that he wants Noah to sing with him for his birthday is a really fun, special present.

I thought the small twist at the end was an excellent rounding out of this fun and heart-warming short story.

Wedding Cake:

Noah and Sawyer are getting married in just a few days. They’re in Boston with a whole bunch of their friends and Noah’s parents have turned up. Everyone is there – except for Sawyer’s family. But with so much to celebrate, and such an important, joyous occasion before them, neither man can think of anything except the other.

This is another really sweet, mostly happy short story that I thoroughly enjoyed. These snapshots of both Sawyer and Noah’s life have been fun and I’ve liked seeing them come together and be so happy in their relationship and being together. Noah and Sawyer are so deeply in love, watching them get married and celebrate that special moment was just magical.

I found all three of these short stories to be really fun and full of love. Noah and Sawyer are a wonderful couple and reading of their various exploits is just fantastic. I’ll definitely be looking for more of their stories and can’t wait to read more by this author.

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