Tempting Sin by Amber Kell

Tempting Sin by Amber Kell
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (104 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal sex
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

When their worlds collide, two men with nothing in common learn that love sometimes does conquer all…well, love and some military training…

When ex-mercenary Sinclair Alverston spots celebrity chef Callum Turner at a bar, he has no idea how the encounter will completely change his life. Certainly one slim blond with green eyes and a lot of attitude shouldn’t be able to twist Sinclair completely around his finger.

Callum doesn’t know what to think about Sin’s overprotective, domineering behaviour, but the man is hot, so he succumbs to his attraction. When Sinclair tries to take over all aspects of his life, Callum is forced to take a stand and explain to his bossy lover that, although protective instincts are good, obsession will get his ass kicked to the curb.

However, when a fan turns into a stalker, Callum has no choice but to let his lover take over his security to keep him safe. All he can hope is, in the long run, their relationship will thrive and Callum can continue tempting Sin.

Callum may look sweet and innocent but he’s ready for anything Sin can dish out. Callum is a professional chef and extremely successful at work. His personal life, however, is another story. Relationships never seem to work out for Callum and he’s decided to stick to one night stands. Sinclair, an ex-mercenary, thought the same thing. Yet when these two meet, sparks fly instantly and neither man can get enough. When Callum’s number one fan comes stalking, Sin is there to stop him.

Tempting Sin is apparently a re-released story from Amber Kell. The original story was published three years ago and this edition has been re-edited with some added scenes. I didn’t read the original story but just so fans of the author know – this isn’t an original. That said it’s very similar to other Kell stories. The main characters are fun, light, and interesting enough but they’re not very three-dimensional. Sin is a big, badass ex-merc that immediately falls in love and takes over Callum’s life. His overprotective nature is a bit ridiculous but the story isn’t going for a realistic take on relationships. Likewise Callum is a magnificent chef with a heart of gold, adorable looks and deep vulnerability. He can take care of himself but doesn’t mind overbearing men in life, which is good because there are a lot.

The plot mostly consists of the two falling instantly in love with a side plot about Callum’s stalker. I’m not sure why this was added and frankly the story didn’t need it. The time and space would have been better spent developing the too-quick relationship between the main men. They fall in love, move in, declare their love, and talk marriage all within a few days. It’s lightning fast but then again I expect that kind of thing from Kell. There are a few too many cutesy affectionate names used and the sex isn’t as hot as Kell normally delivers. It’s not tame but there’s less of it than usual.

Fans of the author should know what to expect with this offering. I didn’t hate it but it’s not one of my favorites of Kell’s. The dialogue feels weaker and more sappy than usual, but the light, easy, fun feel of the story is still there. These are fun to read, never last long, and usually offer some great sex. It has a decent set up and some eye-catching characters and I’ll probably continue with the series as I like the characters well enough. Amber Kell’s books always feel like fun, popcorn reads to me and entertain despite any problems.

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