Temporary Home by Aliyah Burke


Temporary Home by Aliyah Burke
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary Interracial
Length: (Full) 195 Pages
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed By: Fuchsia

Book one in the Interludes Series

Sometimes past demons need to be faced before one can embrace what the future offers, and who better to slay them than a Marine?

Gunnery Sergeant Sam Hoch travels to the Pac Norwest upon receiving word his mentor and the closest thing to a father he’s had, has taken a turn for the worse and is in the hospital. Once there he meets a woman who is unlike any he’s ever met before. A former Marine herself, she opens up her home to him so he can be near his family.
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Roxi Mammon isn’t positive it was smart to allow Sam to stay with her, not with her immediate physical reaction to him. She’d heard tales of him from her best friend, his sister, and now having met him she is even more impressed by the man the Corps has turned him into. Silent strong type. Passion grows between them and soon she finds herself falling for the Recon Marine. And falling hard.

As things escalate between them, Sam has to accept his past doesn’t control him if he plans on keeping Roxi in his future. Can he understand that this is the one woman who can give him something more? Will he silence the fear within him and tell Roxi she’s the one for him? Will he realise that he deserves more than just a temporary home?

Sam Hoch, a Marine gunnery sergeant, is called home because the man he considers to be his father is ill. Dean Richardson saved Sam when his parents threw him out and made sure he would always have a place to stay. Sam joined the Marines because Dean was a Marine and he wanted to be exactly like him.

Roxi Mammon offered Sam the use of her guest room when Dean Jr. complained about him staying in the Richardson’s home. She found that she could not take her eyes off the blue-eyed soldier, and wondered what it would be like if they were together.

Temporary Home was so good and entertaining to read; the characters were full-bodied and I found that I could identify with them. Aliyah Burke made them so real, I cared what happened to them and I couldn’t wait until Sam and Roxi hit the sheets. When they did, it was explosive and I knew no matter what, these two would end up together. I loved the supporting characters, especially Laila’s niece whose close relationship with Sam caused Roxi to wonder if Laila wanted him for herself. The angst that Sam still lived with kept him from fully giving his heart, but you saw his heart slowly coming to life because of his developing feelings for Roxi. This character’s slow transformation was so real it made me love the character of Sam even more. Roxi was a strong character as well, but could also be soft and vulnerable where Sam was concerned. The only negative I found were a few proofing errors.  While these did not detract from the story, it made me need to re-read a few lines just to be sure of what the author was trying to say. Aliyah Burke is an excellent writer and I have enjoyed quite a few of her books and look forward to continue reading more of her work.

Temporary Home is an excellent read and one that this reader would recommend without a doubt.

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