Tell Me No Lies by Vanessa Devereaux

Tell Me No Lies by Vanessa Devereaux
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (175 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Gardenia

Aiden McDermott returned to Spring Valley to pursue his dream job of being the town’s sheriff. When he’s woken in the middle of the night and told some remains have been unearthed, he knows the only outstanding missing person case is that of Ruby Connolly.

Aiden has a history with the Connolly family, some good and some bad. One of the bad things included hurting Christina Connolly in the worse possible way. Christina is now an attorney and also back in Spring Valley. Can they put their differences aside and work together to find a killer who’s been walking free for a decade? And while doing so can they rekindle their love and prove that everyone deserves a second chance?

The Connollys and McDermotts do not get along. There is too much “water under the bridge” so to speak. Their history has dovetailed since Aiden had his accident and Christina saved his life. Since that day, their destinies have intermixed and no amount of effort from the children could have averted the crash of temperaments that would come later on.

As Aiden and Christina’s love affair takes off for the second time, pieces of a woman’s skeleton are found in outskirts of town. Christina’s mother (Ruby) disappeared years before and left the Connolly and the McDermott clans feuding. It is now up to Aiden and Christina to uncover who the bones belong to and finally resolve what really happened to Ruby years ago.

Things are not what they seem. All evidence points to Christina’s father as the killer. She believes her father is innocent and so does Aiden. They both must risk everything in order to solve this mystery.

I loved that Aiden is laid back and easy going normally, but is able to rise to the occasion to defend the woman he loves. He regrets his past life and following his father’s dictates regarding his life. Now, after a divorce and a change of careers, he is his own man, regardless of what his father wants. He will do what he thinks is right and will break with his family if need be in order to follow his conscience.

The mystery unravels quickly at the end and you will be surprised as to the reason for Ruby’s murder. This is a well-written book that will provide you with an enjoyable read.

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