Taste of Passion by D. K. Marie

Taste of Passion by D. K. Marie
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

He craves more than her body.

I have a million reasons for staying away from Cindy Meier. Let’s start with the top three.

One, she’s hot and knows it. She lives in a fantasy world where everyone bows to her wishes and wants.

Two, she’s the sister of my brother’s fiancé. Enough said. We have to organize our sibling’s wedding party weekend. Nothing but planning will happen between us, no matter how much her seductive glances curl around my desires.

Three, I’ve finally crawled out of the hell I created. I’m not about to risk returning to it for a pretty smile and a smart mouth.
No matter how sexy those lips, or how much she makes me laugh.
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See, I used to be just like her. All about the good times, chasing my next party, diving into any and all pleasures.
I’d realized too late I couldn’t afford the cost. The price was too high, and those closest to me ended up paying my tab.

I won’t make that mistake again. So, I’m going to ignore her smile that lights me up. Turn from her exuberant laughter that brightens the dead corners of my soul. We’ll do our part for our sibling’s wedding then go our separate ways.

In opposite directions, because that’s what we will always be: opposites.

They say, many people fall in love at weddings and that is exactly what happens to Will and Cindy in D. K. Marie’s newest book, Taste of Passion. The story brings two vulnerable and independent people together who are not looking for love, but find it anyway when their siblings marry each other. It is a sexy and passionate story that had me quickly turning pages to find out what would happen next.

Will and Cindy first meet when they help their siblings prepare for their wedding. Will and Cindy are in the wedding party and are continually thrown together. They fight and disagree over everything, but underneath all their arguments, there are sparks flying between them. Over time, they find it harder and harder to resist each other.

Will and Cindy each have vulnerabilities, even though outwardly they appear confident and successful. Inside they are full of self doubt and insecurities. It was hard for me to believe that Cindy, a beautiful, popular model, feels insecure about her looks, but she does.

Will is a hardworking, successful chef. He made some bad decisions in the past and is afraid to relax and let go. Will is both charming and grumpy and doesn’t think he is good enough.

Will and Cindy have sizzling chemistry sparking between them and share many scorching looks. I found it easy to like and relate to them and I was invested in their story. I enjoyed this sexy, smoothly written story filled with interesting and layered characters.

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