Tactical Maneuver by JC Wilder

Tactical Maneuver by JC Wilder
Men of S.W.A.T. book 2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (68 pages)
Other: M/F, toys
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

For him, it’s all about the chase. Until one good woman trips him up.

Men of S.W.A.T., Book 2

Just days away from finishing her temporary assignment in Haven and returning to her safe, lonely life in Columbus, office efficiency expert Emma Taylor toys with a deliciously sexy idea.

According to local rumor, decorated SWAT officer Jay Barnes is a dynamo in bed. Maybe he’s the man to unleash her inner wild woman—and maybe, finally, show her what the “big O” is all about.

From the moment Emma volunteers to play hostage for a S.W.A.T. training exercise, Jay itches to loosen her conservative bun and remove her uptight blouse. A sizzling weekend locked away in her apartment uncovers the woman of his wildest dreams—literally—and suddenly he realizes letting her go isn’t an option.

But while he’s thinking “forever”, she’s thinking “forget it”. He’ll have to come up with a whole new set of moves to convince her this bad boy is ready to settle down.

Warning: Contains slippery curves, dangerous fantasies and handsome men with copious amounts of…equipment.

Be careful what you wish for, he may just want the same thing…or something more.

Talk about a fantasy come true. Suspend belief for just a little while and enjoy the sensual and sexiness of a plus size woman drawing the attention of a buff SWAT man who has made an art of seduction. It’s in the way he walks, talks and commands. Emma didn’t stand a chance.

The first scene of the book made me giggle a little because it reminded me of the famous 1994 Diet Coke commercial where the ladies are all standing in the office window watching Lucky Vanous (or 2013’s Andrew Cooper for younger generations) take off his shirt. Jay doesn’t take off his shirt but the way the girls are ogling him from the window as he prepared his team was classic.

Tactical Maneuver is well named. Once Jay decides he’s more than a little in lust with Emma he realizes he only has a week to out maneuver her objections to a real relationship. He pulls out all the stops, even using some specialized equipment. That was a hot bondage scene.

Emma is complex character. She knows what she wants and shows some spunk in asking for it but at the same time she’s self conscious about her body. She wants what Jay is offering but then seems to be surprised when he follows through. Boy does he follow through. They go from “nice to meet you” to “let’s get it on” in a pretty short span of time. I got that the premise of the story was them having a week to really get to know each other and the physical was obviously going to play a big part in that.

This is a short story, so the fact that they moved so quickly didn’t kill the story for me. I could see where it might feel necessary. I wouldn’t have minded if they’d had at least one date first. Some additional time to build the tension besides the hostage simulation. I did appreciate that the author gave them a little time to talk before the “rescue” and after the first bedroom scene.

It takes a special person to handle loving a cop. I liked how the author showed growth in Emma as she went from thinking there was no way to eventually realizing that there was no way she couldn’t love him. It was romantic and really lovely to witness. Jay gives her very compelling argument for staying in Haven, staying with him in spite of her fears. Very well written piece.

Quick little read with loads of heat. Readers who love a man in uniform type story should give this one a try.

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