Sweet Texas Charm by Robyn Neeley

Sweet Texas Charm by Robyn Neeley
Sweet Texas Secrets, Book 3
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (138 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Small town. Big secrets. Welcome to Sweet Ridge.

Grayson Cooper is livid when he learns his father left him a keychain with a strawberry charm rather than ownership of the successful Guac Olé company. He’s been groomed for this position since he escaped the factory floor as a teen and joined Jack in the corporate offices. But what good is the CEO title without the stock shares?

College dropout Becca Nash is dumbfounded to learn that she now owns fifty percent voting stock in the company where she’s just a line supervisor. The pay bump will help her take care of her mother’s nursing home care, but the corporate halls intimidate her—and who wants to hobnob with those snobs anyhow?
Stymied at every turn by her attitude, Grayson goes undercover boss to find out how he can steal back those shares, but surprisingly loses his heart to Becca instead. What he does discover is a secret that could blow apart not only Becca’s world but his whole family. With so much hanging in the balance, Grayson must decide whether it’s better to follow his head or his heart.

Robyn Neeley creates a tension that sweeps the reader into the conflict immediately in Sweet Texas Charm, the last book of the trilogy Sweet Texas Secrets. This book rounds out the Cooper men’s story beautifully. While it is part of the trilogy, it can be enjoyed as a standalone book.

Grayson Cooper has no intentions of falling into the same predicament (in his estimation) as his brothers. He is CEO of the family business, Guac Olé. He is furious about his father leaving fifty percent of the company stock to Becca Nash, a line supervisor in the guacamole factory. He set in to buy, beg, or whatever to regain the company shares that he feels are rightfully his. His actions set him on a collision course with Becca who is efficient and fair, with unquestionable integrity. However, she does have a hot temper when pushed too far.

The secondary characters, extremely important to the unfolding of the story, come alive with the author’s smooth, flowing writing style. She weaves details in so subtly the reader gets an abundance of information while the plot unfolds at an attention-keeping pace. An undercurrent of emotions bubbles throughout the story—emotions that come to a boil from time to time, in more than one way.

The author’s use of foreshadowing, symbolism, play on words, and subtle humor adds more depth and pleasure to the story.

When the tapestry of the trilogy is complete, the intertwined stories reveal a romantic history of two generations of Cooper men.

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