Sun, Sea and Satisfaction Guaranteed by Hannah Murray

Sun, Sea and Satisfaction Guaranteed by Hannah Murray
Publisher: Totally Entwined
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

What’s a vacation without a fling?

The last place Clio Reed wants to be in the middle of July is on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, but when the matriarch of the Reed family calls for a family vacation, everyone listens. Clio figures this vacation will be an exercise in annoyance and frustration, but she didn’t count on her great-aunt’s new husband—or his son…

Fox may be her new step-cousin, but after one look at the dark-haired, green-eyed hottie with the perpetual grin and amazing forearms, her feelings for him are anything but familial.

Maybe this cruise won’t be such a drag after all.

Definitely naughty, but oh so nice!

As someone who is also not a doer, this Family Vacation Week sounds like a nightmare! Not my idea of a holiday at all. However, if Fox turned up, then maybe it won’t be so bad. Or at least, that’s what Clio thinks. For saying she said once and done, it certainly didn’t work out that way.

This was a fun-filled frolic of a summer romance, with plenty of laughs and family hijinks to enjoy. The pace is fast as it all takes place over one week (and some of those days are skipped) but it gives you what you want. The characters are all wonderful, and I would love to see more of them.

A great book to enjoy in the sun and absolutely recommended by me.

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