Suddenly by Beth D. Carter

Suddenly by Beth D. Carter
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (38 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Bellah Denoon has had a crush on her boss, Dalton McCoy, for a while, but she’s never acted upon her feelings. They have a perfect working relationship, and she’s hesitant to do anything to disturb it. Until one night she’s attacked in the parking lot, and Dalton comes to her rescue.
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Shaken, Bellah goes home with Dalton, not wanting to be alone. Lust temporarily breaks down the barriers between them but he’s her boss. What happens if he doesn’t feel the same? Then again, what if he does?

Bellah has a serious crush on Dalton, her boss, but their relationship has always been strictly business. For ages, a spiteful colleague has been spreading rumors about Bellah “working on her back” and angling to get Bellah demoted if not fired. Dalton is not a fool and knows Bellah is not only an excellent employee but a wonderful person, too. While they both are aware of how clichéd their desire is, neither can continue to hold back when they both begin to admit their feelings.

Short and steamy, this was a lovely quick read. I enjoyed the interplay between Bellah and Dalton and while the plot itself is not particularly novel I liked the connection and emotion that was so obvious between the two main characters. Readers who are looking for a sexy, comfortable and quick story should find this really fits their needs. With a slightly cartoonish villain and no shocks in the way the story unfolds, I found the story really sits on Bellah and Dalton’s characters and the strength of their romance and connection together. I’m not certain the way in which Bellah and Dalton finally admitted – and acted upon – their feelings will be every reader’s cup of tea, some might find it a little unflattering or unrealistic, but I definitely felt that Bellah and Dalton had a strong and long-standing attraction and good chemistry so their progress from professional to intimate wasn’t too much of a stretch for me.

I found myself quickly turning the pages and the sex between Bellah and Dalton was steamy and sensual. With a strong emotional connection between them and a long-simmering need it was wonderful to see them come together and start a more intimate relationship together.

Sexy and quick, this is a lovely albeit short read.

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