Storm of the Heart by Anna Small

Storm of the Heart (Lobster Cove Series) by Anna Small
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (135 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Searching the beach for washed-up treasures, Abigail Quinn never expects to rescue a mysterious stranger. It’s 1814 and war with England rages on the land and sea. With her husband a victim of the British invaders, Abigail fears the stranger’s arrival can only mean danger to the people of Lobster Cove.

Spy or traitor, William Bennson has no memory of his past. But seeking his true identity may bring the end of his future with Abigail. Or, worse–the end of his life.

Will the stranger on the beach bring Abigail love or more loss?

Abigail is a very easy character to like. She is a gentle soul prefers to keep to herself, but doesn’t hesitate to help someone in need. Abigail loves her brother and his family and she appreciates their offer to let her live with them, but Abigail prefers to do things her own way and in her own time. I liked that her brother never forces her hand, but is there to support her when she needs it. Abigail doesn’t mind living on her own, but when William enters her life, she begins to realize how much she misses the close companionship she shared with her husband. Abigail takes a huge risk in taking William into her home. I must give Abigail credit for her bravery and kindness during such a tumultuous time in history. I eagerly immersed myself in Abigail’s story hoping for a happy ending.

William is exactly the kind of man Abigail needs in her life. He doesn’t try to replace Caleb, Anna’s lost husband, but it is clear that William and Anna are kindred spirits. They settled into an easy routine with each other in just a few days. As I watched their relationship blossom, I knew their connection was more than just loneliness on Anna’s part, and William being grateful for her care. They simply felt right together.

I do think the mystery was resolved rather rapidly. As I read, I predicted fairly accurately how the story would end. The explanation of William’s identity and how he ended up in Lobster Cove is all wrapped up quickly and neatly and without too much fuss. William and Abigail do face danger from the British as well as a nefarious character in Lobster Cove, but this is much less of an issue than I anticipated. Drawing out one of these conflicts would have added more suspense to this mystery.

I enjoyed reading Storm of the Heart. Abigail and William have a warm and wonderful romance, and it is very easy to cheer for their happy ending. I recommend Storm of the Heart to anyone looking for a heartwarming tale with a dash of suspense.

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