Sparrow Obsessed by Winter Sloane

Sparrow Obsessed by Winter Sloane
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Jane Sparrow’s work requires perfection. She designs high fashion couture weddings dresses for a living. She’s in control of every aspect of her life every day of the week, save one. On Fridays, she allows herself to let loose and submit herself completely to one man. If Jane’s not careful, it’s not only her body Jacob would hold captive, but also her heart.

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Jane was a world-renown wedding gown couture seamstress – her career was blossoming, her reputation as a perfectionist who could get literally every stitch correct meant she as in high demand. And once a week, for just a short night, Jane belonged to Jacob – she submitted her whole life, her entire world to him and his delicious demands. Their single weekly evening was long-held and well established in it’s boundaries. So what happens when they each begin to crave more?

I really enjoyed this short story. Both Jane and Jacob have their problems – neither are the textbook perfect Dom or sub and yet this helped make them feel both more real and more relatable to me. Their imperfections and flaws helped make these two character memorable to me and helped me see that despite their seemingly perfect lives they each wanted something more from the other and were terrified in their vulnerability – scared that they might risk losing the one thing holding them both together.

I thought despite the short length of the story that the pace of the changing and growing relationship between Jane and Jacob was really good. Such a significant change when their current routine was so well established would have felt weird and unbelievable to me had it occurred too quickly. So I was really pleased with how the author paced the whole story. It was also very clear from the very beginning that Jacob and Jane were both on the same page – just each reluctant to be too forthright or enthusiastic for their own – very different – reasons. This lent the story a real air of believability to me and made it eminently relatable. Changes – particularly such drastic changes in such important relationships – can be fraught with worry and danger. So the slow, gradual easing away from the old and toward the new was wonderful to read and I really enjoyed it.

With some pretty intense BDSM scenes and a lovely slow build up this was a great, quick read and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

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