Spare Dick by Sarina Wilde

Spare Dick by Sarina Wilde
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (94 pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/M, Anal play/Intercourse
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Bringing another guy into the bedroom was supposed to spice up Kevin and Jill’s married life. But when Jill insists their third should be someone they don’t know, Kevin’s concerned. His police detective mentality doesn’t want a stranger in their bed.

Then his new partner volunteers for the job. Adam Heller’s more than willing to satisfy Jill’s and Kevin’s every desire. It’s the perfect solution. Jill doesn’t know who Hell is and Kevin has the security of including someone he trusts. What could possibly go wrong?

Their night at a local hotel is hotter than any of them dreamed of—until an early morning page reveals Hell’s true identity. Now, in the midst of investigating a possible serial killer, Hell and Kevin struggle to convince Jill that Hell is more than just a spare dick.

Kevin Ramsey has convinced himself he’s searching for the right man to fulfill his wife’s fantasy but what if the perfect man happens to also be the something he’s secretly longed for as well? A man and his wife who are so in love that they want to give each other whatever their heart desires. But at what price?
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I’ve read some really good menage relationship books but not many where two of the characters are a happily married husband and wife. This story is special because even if Kevin and Jill had never decided that they wanted to add a “spare dick” for a one night fantasy they would have still lived happily ever after. The writer left no doubt that the success of their relationship isn’t tied to adding someone to it. As high school sweethearts and twelve years of marriage, they had already built the lasting best friends and lovers foundation. It’s funny how teasing suggestions can lead to unintended consequences. In the case of Kevin, Jill and Adam I experienced every level of concern, fear, trepidation, longing, accepting and finally love in this fantastic little read.

Ms. Wilde set the tone for the story from the beginning and I was hooked to the very end. It wasn’t hard to see how Kevin could go from being completely hetero to eventually asking for what he wanted. I liked that Ms. Wilde didn’t make the transition easy for Kevin. The idea of what Jill asked him to do was stressful and he had questions but every decision he made, every step he took was always about her. Likewise, when Jill is confronted with what she perceives as duplicity she reacts as a normal woman would. It wouldn’t have made sense for her to simply accept what had been done without running the gambit of emotions. The writer made me think about how she was feeling and that’s important to me as a reader. If I don’t care how the characters struggle or how they feel then I’m not vested into their HEA or HFN.

Adam Heller is simply precious. Don’t tell him that, he considers himself a bit of an alpha male but he’s so much more than the gruff exterior of man known as “Hell” by his peers. He makes no apologies for what or who he wants but he doesn’t try to force others to be who they aren’t. I liked that he was able to be vulnerable it the right situation but didn’t hide and let some miscommunication ruin a good thing. Even if that “good thing” didn’t include him. I had no trouble buying into his feelings and the chemistry between him and Jill as well as him and Kevin.

There were no real surprises in the subplot concerning the missing girl, it could have been taken directly from a rural town newspaper, but it’s so well written and flows at just the right pace I didn’t want to stop reading. Not to say the subplot wasn’t necessary, it was. The story could have been solely about how Adam came to be a part of Kevin and Jill’s relationship but the intensity of the emotions and clarity of the moment that came out as a result of the case gave credence to what they all felt. It wasn’t simply a classic trope for the sake of writing some hot sex scenes.

Spare Dick is a thrilling short story for those who want that full body shiver of excitement. It has characters who made me care and a story that swept me along. I would cheerfully read another story where these three were either the main characters or maybe even simply reoccurring characters. That’s a story you don’t soon forget.

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