Sophie’s Choice by A.M.Westerling

Sophie’s Choice by A.M.Westerling
The Ladies of Harrington House Book 1
Publisher: BWL Publishing Inc.
Genre: Historical, Romance
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Lady Sophie Harrington is not one to abide by society’s strictures. If there’s one thing she knows, it’s that she will not be paraded on the London marriage market in hopes of finding a suitable husband. When a handsome bachelor moves into the neighbouring country estate, she thinks her wedding prospects are solved – all she must do is make the man fall in love with her and convince her parents he would be a good match.

Successful barrister Lord Bryce Langdon escapes London to begin a new legal practice in the rugged county of Cornwall. However, being the object of desire for two beautiful sisters disrupts his life and distracts him from his true purpose for being there – infiltrating a local smuggler’s ring.

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2020 has been a challenging year for me to read. I picked three books to review months ago and they just sat unopened. I chose this particular book because I recognized the author as one I’ve read before and had enjoyed. I wasn’t sure if the timing to start a book yesterday was the best. However, once I started I was unable to put it down. Sophie’s Choice was the perfect distraction I needed.

I was especially excited to learn that this book is the first in The Ladies of Harrington House series. The cast of characters were relatable and well developed which made me anticipate the next book in the series. There are three sisters that will each get their own love story, Sophie, Catherine and Leah. Sophie’s Choice can easily be read as a standalone.

Sophie was my ideal heroine. I love witty, smart, independent woman with a touch of vulnerability. I equally love a hero who counteracts that. It makes for a fun entertaining read. Kudos to the couple when their bantering makes me laugh. I love a sparing couple who clearly is sensually attracted to each other with a web of other plot elements that keep the plot flowing and twisting.

Lord Bryce made my book boyfriend list. He had it all going on, between flirting with Sophie and infiltrating a local smuggler’s ring. I was in love.

I have to be transparent. I do want to read the rest of the books in the series especially Catherine’s story but I could see myself possibly passing on Leah’s story. She was the other sister who desired Bryce besides Sophia. It was clear as day that Bryce and Sophia were destined. Leah made for some awkward moments that added to my love of the story but to read a story of her own, I don’t know about that. Leah would seriously have to mature. It will be hard for me to forget that annoying little sister impression that I have of her.

Any hoot, I loved Sophie’s Choice and I recommend you give this series a chance.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful review, that made my day! Haha, I hope you give Leah a chance because yes, she does mature. With Heath’s help….*wink*

  2. Since I’m one of the lucky ones who have already ready Leah’s Surrender, I’ll just pop on here and tell you that before I read that book I was exactly of the same mind regarding Leah. I could not imagine liking her own book, but wow, A.M. Westerling really knows how to bring her characters to life. By the time I’d finished I was not only all in for Leah, but I was devastated when I thought she was going to lose it all. I guarantee you’ll be very surprised.

  3. Thank you Jude. Hopefully I’ll be given the chance to review Leah’s story.

  4. Mary Stapleton says

    It was a great story line and keeps you engaged. I think this is one of my favourites written by A M Westerling. Waiting for new one

  5. I enjoyed reading Sophie’s Choice immensely. The whole story was well paced, well written and researched. I fell in love with both Sophie and Bryce. I’m looking forward to more historical romances by A.M. Westerling. A definite 5 star book.

  6. Dana Foster says

    Dana Foster writes at 3 PM Dec. 2. I hope Heaths level of maturity is what Leah needs as the author points out. Looking forward to next instalment.

  7. One of my favorites by A.M. Westerling can’t wait for the next novel in the series. Well written, researched, and well-paced. I fell in love with Sophie.

  8. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on Sophie’s Choice! It was a fun book to write and I hope you also enjoy the next two books in the series, Leah’s Surrender, Book 2, and Catherine’s Passion, Book 3. 🙂

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