Someone Always Loved You by Brooke Williams

Someone Always Loved You by Brooke Williams
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (245 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

His first day on the job, ambulance driver Jay has a horrible accident. The victim of the crash is thrown into a coma and Jay keeps vigil by her side. As their lives, past and present intertwine; a story of love through time unfolds. An intricate drama including adoption, love, suspense, and plenty of questions, Someone Always Loved You is a novel that keeps the mind churning and the soul alive.

Jay’s first day as an ambulance driver ends in disaster when he knocks down a woman at the entrance to A&E. From this day forward he spends every minute he can at her bedside.

Jordan, the victim of the accident, had been rushing to the hospital after her husband was admitted with a heart attack.

The story wends its way from past to present and back again through the memories of the main characters. Jordan’s memories are poignant and sweet with a small piece of sorrow. Her husband Cory recalls their life together as he sits by her bed, hoping his voice will bring her out of the coma.

Jay’s memories are harsh and unhappy with a small ray of sunshine and hope from his loving wife who is expecting their first child. Madison, Jay’s wife, tries to understand why her husband must spend so much time at the bedside of a woman he doesn’t know, but it is hard for her to spend so much time alone.

The past and the present weave together in this delightful romance with a hint of mystery. Everyone longs for Jordan to recover, while Jordan is lost in her thoughts of the past. Of the children she lost, the orphanage she worked at, her life with Cory and the voices she hears from the present.

This is a wonderful book. Sweet and tender with some harsh scenes, and also mystery as I tried to work out how the characters were involved with each other. This does not become apparent until the end, and then the author ties everything up neatly so the final page left me feeling satisfied with a story well told.

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