Some Sugar, Some Spice by Joy Luxely

Some Sugar, Some Spice by Joy Luxely
Publisher: MoodyWriter Publishing, LLC.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (70 pgs)
Heat Level: HOT
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Quince

Aubrey Drew is unhappy with her life. So, she quits her job and takes a few weeks off from being her usually cautious, calculated self to just live a little. There’s only one problem- it’s not at all like she thought it would be. Needing a little reminder of what it feels like to be young and impulsive she decides to take a chance on a fling with the charming, wealthy, and extremely disarming Clark Lennox. She thinks she can keep her feelings from spoiling her fun, but when it comes time to do so it isn’t as easy as it seems. Clark is determined that she is going to be his and she is having a hard time resisting.Follow the story as a fling helps Aubrey make some of the hardest and truest decisions of her life.

If I have to tag this story I would use following words and phrases: older rich man, younger woman, hot sex, instant love. Some Sugar, Some Spice is very fast and enjoyable read. The plot is quite simple. Aubrey Drew meets Clark Lennox. She decides to have a fling with him, so they go out together. They have really super-hot sex and then they decide to give their relationship a try.

Simple plot does not mean story without issues. On the contrary, the author manages to deal with two issues that are taboo, in a way, and are often criticize by society. One is relationship between younger woman and older man. In this story it was 25 years plus age difference. And second, closely connected with the first one is independent young girl having relationship with very, very rich man. Taking into account the length of the story, the author did a good job in rising and solving these two issues. They were resolved in very satisfying manner, without too much drama. Characters are also fairly good written. The story is told from the third person POV, but the voice of the heroine is dominant. Her character is more developed while hero’s stayed in the shadow.

I have to admit that there were a few eye-rolling moments while reading Some Sugar, Some Spice One of them was when Aubrey came to Clark’s house and she suddenly realize that Clark is super rich, although he was driving her in his Bentley and Aston Martin. Luckily, moments like these were in minority and they can be easily removed by editing the story one more time.

All in all this was fast and satisfying read. Great for a beach.

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