Snowed In with A Mountain Man by Marin Black

Snowed In with A Mountain Man by Marin Black
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Snowed in at her family’s Smoky Mountains cabin, Brie Wright is roughing it alone. Tired of playing by the rules, she’s determined to step over the line at the next opportunity. Her chance comes in the form of a mountain man in a tractor. And not just any mountain man, but Dean Carlisle, who stole her heart so many years ago. What else can she do, other than greet him in nothing but fur boots and hope he’ll take her for a ride?

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Fun and seriously sexy this “snowed in” style of story was a delightful, quick read. The fact Brie and Dean knew each other from childhood vacations in their families cabins helped keep the near insta-lust that flared between them within the realms of possibility. But readers looking for a deep, complex and slow-burn style of romance won’t find that here. I can understand the author’s desire to keep the pace moving fast since this is a very short story, but a part of me would have liked a bit more time spent on the emotional connection between Brie and Dean, not just their chemistry and physical attraction.

I found Brie to be a completely relatable character, with worries and insecurities and her failed engagement was far enough back in her past to make her determination to move on totally understandable. Readers who are happy to disconnect their brains and roll with the sexy shenanigans should find this explicit and steamy romance to be a bundle of fun. While most of the story revolves around Brie and Dean reconnecting on a physical level, I was pleased that toward the end of the story they talked a little bit, though a part of me would have liked a bit more depth and connection to this part of the story.

With a delicious Happy For Now style of ending and enough steam between Brie and Dean to melt the snow surrounding them, this is a lovely reunion style of snowed-in short story. Readers looking for a quick, explicit and intense story should find this suits their needs and is a lovely fast read.

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