Snake Eyes by Anne Kane

Snake Eyes by Anne Kane
Mercenaries Book 5
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (43 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Snake may not be the nicest guy you ever met, but he has his own code of honor, and he does everything in his power to live up to it. Keeping his hands off his Sergeant’s sister-in-law, no matter how sexy she is, is definitely in the code.

Wren has the hots for Snake but is frustrated that he can’t seem to see her as anything other than Dee’s kid sister. When she sees him sneak out after dark, she suspects he’s going to meet a lover and follows him, determined to finally make him see her as the mature sexy woman she is.

Unfortunately, things don’t go exactly according to plan. She manages to get herself captured and Snake is forced to come to her rescue.

Wren wasn’t scared by Snake, not his scars, not the haunted look in his eyes. She saw the grace and strength in his walk, the sensual appeal of his mouth. Wren has waited forever for Snake to see her as more than the kid sister of his friend’s woman. When they finally come together it’s everything and more she could have hoped for, dreamed of. Can they make this new thing between them work?

I liked how this book started straight off the bat. In the opening paragraph Snake and Wren come together intimately, consummating months of pent-up need and desire on both their parts. I didn’t mind this as the story is quite short, but I know many readers often prefer a slower build up to their stories. Personally, I liked that the story started hot and then after that first sex scene we can see Wren and Snake begin to build their relationship together properly.

Having not read any of the previous book in this series, I was pleased to find I caught on to the plot and background fairly quickly. I was a little surprised to find the story is set in a sort of futuristic/alternate Earth style setting (with quite simple to understand differences, like “cred chip”, “Alliance members” and “com unit” – those sorts of things). I found the explanations were crisp and didn’t feel too much to me like info-dumping.

There was an interesting amount of plot in the middle of the book – and I feel there were clear indications of where future stories in this series might be heading. While I loved the plot – the story felt a little like the sex scenes were just sandwiched in before and after the actual story itself. Indeed, I personally feel if the first chapter sex scene and the final couple of pages (also a sex scene) had been deleted this wouldn’t have been an erotic romance at all, but more an action/adventure futuristic style story with just a hint of spicy chemistry between the hero and heroine. Readers wanting a full-blown erotic romance story might not find the erotic element quite as satisfying as those happier with the action-based plot element. Personally I found the story is a good one, just slightly imbalanced for an erotic romance.

A great, strongly plotted story with two very interesting characters and a great, fresh premise. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

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