Small Miracles by Ellen Holiday

Small Miracles by Ellen Holiday
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (80 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal sex
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

When runaway Cal Harrison steps into a bar to escape the freezing rain, he meets Matt Kirkland, who buys him a meal and eventually takes him home for the night. But Cal’s been on hard times, and he doesn’t believe something as good as Matt could possibly happen to him. Not without setting him up for disaster. So Cal leaves—only to discover Matt’s not just a rich kid but a well-known millionaire. Soon Cal begins to question whether he should have swallowed his pride and left his difficult life behind.

Miracles come when you least expect them. Cal could use a miracle. Homeless for over a year, he sneaks into a bar to get out of the freezing rain and encounters an unlikely hero. Matt is a well known millionaire and he sees his future when he looks at Cal. Although dirty and hungry, Matt is determined to get Cal to realize they were fated at the first look. He has to be careful because being on the streets has taught Cal that miracles don’t happen and everything has a price.

Small Miracles is another sweet novella that uses instant love and hurt/comfort themes. Matt decides the dirty, homeless Cal is his soul mate at one look and tries to rescue Cal from himself. Cal of course doesn’t believe his good luck and has to run away several times. This isn’t a bad plot but it’s predictable and requires the reader to want to believe. There’s no real reason why Matt, a well-connected millionaire, would instantly fall in love with a homeless man but if you get beyond that then the story is a nice read.

Cal, the narrator, is very well developed with Matt considerably less so. Cal’s fear, pain, and indecision are exceptionally written. I got chills a couple of times thinking of what Cal had been through. At the same time there doesn’t seem to be a good reason for all his suffering, other than ignorance perhaps. Thus I would alternate between feeling sorry for Cal/rooting for him and being frustrated with his stubbornness. Additionally his demands at the end of the story seem a bit unreal.

For the most part I enjoyed reading the romance between Cal and Matt. It’s not believable but then again I didn’t care. I wanted to feel them fall in love and beat the odds. I’m not sure they’re actually in love and get a HEA but it’s a nice story with a positive theme. Readers who particularly enjoy the rags to riches idea will probably enjoy this.

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