Sleeping with the Boss by Sam Crescent


Sleeping with the Boss by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (129 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Clover

Heather Booth has been in love with her boss since the moment she started working for him. The only problem, Julian Goff is a horn dog. When he’s ready to ditch a woman, he gives the women a piece of jewellery and sends them on their way.

When Heather and Julian get into an argument over her behavior outside of work, the passion between them ignites. They have sex on his desk when anyone could walk in and catch them.

Julian wants Heather more than he’s ever wanted any other woman in his life. He doesn’t do commitment. During a private conversation with her friends, Julian hears Heather’s true feelings for him. He has no choice but to let her go.

Never before has a woman got under his skin. Can Julian earn Heather’s trust back, and will he finally have the courage to give the woman he loves a ring?

Is there ever any reason to sleep with your boss? Especially when he’s a dog?

Heather just can’t resist. She’s been in love with Julian, her boss, for years and one of her duties is to buy his girlfriends a piece of jewelry for him to present before he dumps them. But despite this rather awful part of her job description, after a row about her dancing with friends at a club she has wild sex in the office with him and their relationship takes off. The trouble is, she and her friends know that Heather will end up getting hurt, or will she? Maybe she’s the one? Perhaps she can tame the boss and make him her own.

Sleeping with the Boss is a nice story about a couple falling in love in the modern world. I would have liked to know a little more about Julian’s history though, because he is such a rat with women, I kind of needed to know why, and what it was about him that made Heather go from being mad at him to having a sex-fuelled relationship with him (without condoms a lot of the time). He just wasn’t that likeable and I did really, really like Heather, she felt real and emotional, he was gorgeous yes, but… I would have liked to see a little more in him that Heather saw. I enjoy falling for the heroes in the novels I read and Julian didn’t completely win me over.

Heather has some very protective friends, at times they made me laugh out loud, others I felt a bit cross with them, as Heather did too. It’s always good to have secondary characters in a book, again, it makes the story real, no one lives in isolation after all. The three friends were very vocal, supportive in their own way and certainly the girls shared everything. A couple of times Heather called them when Julian was within hearing distance, telling them very intimate things, this made me think she was a little immature, Julian after all is in his forties dating a woman in her twenties, I think her calling her girlfriends was unnecessary and didn’t help her cause – it did all add to the twists and turns of the story of course.

The sex was deliciously steamy, a good amount of it too. As mentioned, the condom thing bothered me. Heather just seemed like a woman who would have been more sensible. The anal sex scene was hot, though a little more build up to it, as in it being something they’d both fantasized about would have been great – perhaps a racy dream or a scene of her watching the anal sex porn that was alluded to. Oh, yes, that would have been a great addition and I’m sure the author would have tackled it well.

I was certainly rooting for Heather to get her happy ever after ‘and’ her man. Julian did redeem himself in my eyes by the end of the book and I certainly didn’t struggle to read it or finish the novel. All in all a light-hearted read, nothing majorly new in terms of plot line, but sweetly rounded and entertaining.

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