Sins of a Ruthless Rogue by Anna Randol


Sins of a Ruthless Rogue by Anna Randol
Publisher: Avon Publishing
Genre: Historical, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (384 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Revenge never tasted so sweet…

When Clayton Campbell shows up on her doorstep, Olivia Swift is stunned. For long ago, Clayton was the boy who stole her heart. He’s also the man her betrayal had sent to the gallows. A man she believed dead, now standing before her, looking leaner, harder, more powerful than ever, his haunted eyes filled with a lust she had never seen—for vengeance…

Or burned so hot…

He’s a Crown spy who once faced death and escaped unscathed. Yet Clayton Campbell cannot deny that the sight of Olivia rouses in him something more than a thirst for revenge. Or that the bold beauty would lure him once more into a dangerous game. Only this time, Clayton plans to be the victor—with the tempting Olivia in his bed as his prize. But once passion ignites between them, the hard-hearted agent will face his greatest battle yet—for his heart…

I love this wonderfully unique series that is quickly making Anna Randol one of my favorite Regency romance authors. The series is about the trials and tribulations of three infamous spies who are now retired and embarking on their new lives and finding love along the way. Each book is a thrill packed adventure for these three very unique leads. I was privileged to review the first book , Sins of a Virgin , and was impressed with the Ms. Randol’s writing style as well as her vibrant characters and clever dialogue. Sins of a Ruthless Rogue is Cipher’s story and this time the author takes the readers on an exciting journey to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Clayton Campbell is exactly what his country made of him. A ruthless man who will destroy anyone that gets in his way. Years ago, he was condemned as a traitor and sentenced to hang for another persons crime. Now he’s back and out for revenge against those who betrayed him. As a young girl , Olivia betrayed the boy she loved. By the sin of omission she let him be blamed for her own father’s crime. Just as Clayton is set to destroy all that she loves Olivia is mistaken for a spy and kidnapped by political zealots. Even though Clayton is angry at Olivia he wastes no time in racing to her rescue her from danger.

I liked the characters even more in this second book.The intriguing Clayton was dark and dangerous… the perfect hero. Olivia was a spunky heroine who owned her mistakes and tried to make up for them. This story was more action packed than the first one and seemed to move at a super fast pace. Readers who are paying extra attention may catch a glimpse of whats to come in the third and final book of this series. At least I hope so because I’m breathlessly awaiting the enigmatic Ian’s story. I’ll give this book four stars and gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a historical romance filled with suspense and intrigue.

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