Sins From Her Past by Jules Bennett

Sins From Her Past by Jules Bennett
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (220 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Lisianthus

After her parents’ deaths, Evelyn Banks endured a living hell for nearly two years at the hands of her godfather’s son. She couldn’t tell anyone…not her brother, and certainly not the godfather who took them in.

Now she is twenty-five—and still trapped in silence. After all the time, no one would believe her. And any revelation of her shame could halt her godfather’s political aspirations. But what she can do is take her design firm to the next level with a project for her brother’s best friend. Handsome, sexy hotelier Vincent Hawk.

Vin has always had a thing for Evie, but kept his hands off out of respect for her brother. Now that they’re traveling together, though, keeping his distance is tearing him apart. Except every move he makes to get close is met with not just mere resistance, but with a fear-whitened face and trembling body.

Evie can’t deny she’s falling for Vin, but accepting their future means facing her past…a past that could destroy everyone she loves.

The story started off right away with Vincent and Evelyn dancing around each other, I admit I love friends to lovers’ books. Especially when there is the extra complication of heroine being the sister of the hero’s best friend, those stories always seem like they were fated to be together.

Evelyn “Evie” Banks has a lot of baggage and a fear of intimacy that is well earned. I wept for her from the very beginning, and while I wept, I cheered her on to not let her past win, to go ahead and love Vincent that he was worth it. She was beautiful, sexy, curvy and so smart all things that I love to see in heroines, her past just made her seem more human, more real, someone I could relate to on a visceral level. It’s not often I meet a character that I relate so well to and connect to instantly, but Evie was just that type of character.

Vincent “Vin” Hawk is handsome, sexy, rich and so patient. He was the perfect hero and friend for Evie. Ms. Bennett does a great job of not making him too perfect, he is a man and he reacts like I imagine any man would react to Evie and her past. He’s patient and strong but even he has his breaking point. I loved him because, while he is the rich hero saving the day, he wasn’t one of those spoiled rich heroes who expect everything to be handed to him. He works hard to get what he wants and he wants Evie by his side forever, and I found myself sighing with pleasure over every move he makes while courting her. He’s the very sort of hero I love to fall in love with, and why I read romance.

This book does have a past history of abuse so I could see it being a trigger for someone who has suffered in their past, with that warning, I believe Evie and her past and every emotion she experiences because of it was written so beautifully that I walked the experience with her, I felt it all. That’s not a bad thing, occasionally difficult issues need to be addressed, and it gave this story just enough realism to engage me but still let me escape into this world. I highly recommend this book; it was sexy, sweet, emotional and kept me reading late into the night.

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