Sight Unseen in the City by Ruth Zavitsanos

Sight Unseen in the City by Ruth Zavitsanos
Publisher: CiaoSummer Press
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Length: Short Story (78 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

It’s July 13th 1977 and New York City is languishing during a record-breaking heat wave. Linda Martinez is trying to succeed in her career while holding on to her Puerto Rican heritage she was raised to respect in the multicultural streets of the Bronx.

Linda meets Gabe when she enters a bookstore to escape the sweltering heat. Gabe is a distinguished, handsome man who helps Linda understand the death of her brother, Michael, who was killed in action five years earlier in Vietnam.

The time Linda spends with Gabe is nothing short of heavenly, and with Gabe’s encouragement, Linda finds herself thinking less about the scorching heat that all but suffocates a city held in darkness during an electrical outage, and more about fulfilling her life’s dream. At the dawning of a new day, Linda’s life, and her brother’s memory will take on a whole new meaning.

Linda is melting in the New York heat when she is rescued by young man who she feels a liking for. He tells her he knew her dead brother and they talk about Michael. When she tries to catch a train home he talks her into waiting for the next one, then the electricity throughout the city goes out. They sit and talk and this leads to a different future for Linda.

I liked the way this book was laid out. I thought I knew who Gabe was, but I wasn’t sure until two thirds of the way through the book. Well written and definitely caught my imagination. This is the type of life, aims and success most young women would like, but few have the determination to see it through.

Nice touch of her brother looking down from heaven and I particularly liked where he became confused by what to him was the future with clothes and manners very different to when he was alive.

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