Shipwreck Island by James B. McPike

Shipwreck Island by James B. McPike
Publisher: Fireship Press
Genre: Suspense/Mystery Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full length (210 pages)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Snowdrop

In the year 1866 a ship named the General Grant lost course on its epic voyage to London and crashed upon a subantarctic island off the coast of New Zealand. Legend has it that its cargo contained one of the richest in history–gold all mined from the Victorian goldfields in Australia. After years of mishap and misfortune–even death–no one has been able to locate its exact whereabouts.
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In comes Roy Berenger, one of the world’s foremost experts on salvaging shipwrecks. Recruited to solve the mystery once and for all, he must use all his trademark talents and wits to uncover the historic shipwreck. The strange circumstances around its harrowing disappearance are mysterious and all-too frightening. Putting together a local crew with the latest technological resources at his disposal, Berenger ventures to this far-off island to pull off an audacious search attempt. But in order to find it–he must brave the real-life perils of hypothermia, great white sharks, high-sea squalls, and human treachery.

A treasure hunt, pirate treasure, and even just a voyage on uncharted waters is something that makes us all dream a little. I think we have pictures of Captain Kidd or Blackbeard in our mind. Or maybe our minds picture something a little more modern and Jack Sparrow or Captain Barbosa pop into our view. Well, this is another one of those books. It’s fiction but it could be a real story. It’s exciting and it’s a little scary.

If you are beginning to get the impression that I liked this book, then you are observant. I liked the scary island, the fictional past history of so many missing souls, the past and present stories about the mystic yarns of lost ships and lost lives. Well, I didn’t like the lost lives but it sure did add to the suspense of the book. I’m describing descriptive writing done very well. Good characters, a really famous treasure hunter and a lovely woman hunting information about her ancestor.

This is not a long read and it flows well which makes it move along even more quickly. Actually, it made it move so well for me, I’m hoping Mr. McPike makes the treasure Hunter, Roy Berenger, have another adventure for us to read.

McPike has several other books published. Check them out.

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