She’s the One Who Doesn’t Say Much by S. R. Cronin

She’s the One Who Doesn’t Say Much by S. R. Cronin
Publisher: Self
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Rated: 5 stars
Review by Rose

Olivine, the fourth of seven sisters, has been hiding a secret as she travels to K’ba to meet her artist friends. Others assume she has fallen in love with another artist, and it’s not a match Mother would consider suitable. But it’s much worse that. For on the way to K’ba is the dirt poor nichna of Scrud, a place scorned by all other Ilarians. And in Scrud is the one man who understands her.

However, Bohdan is also is a realist, and a man who recognizes the dangers posed by an impending Mongol invasion. When he learns of Olivine’s unusual visual powers, he convinces her to pick up her bow and arrow and start practicing.

She does, though she’s more concerned with producing enough art to raise the funds to run away from home and live in K’ba, where she can paint all day and see Bohdan as often as she wants. If only her sister Ryalgar hadn’t learned of what she can do and decided Olivine and her fellow long-eyes held one of the keys to defending the realm.

Then, as if life wasn’t complicated enough, Olivine learns the artist community she yearns to be part of has developed a different take on the invasion. They feel certain the only way to survive is to capitulate completely to the Mongols demands. Artists who feel otherwise are no longer welcome.

Where does her future lie? The supposed invasion is coming soon and Olivine doesn’t have much time to decide.

The newest book in the Seven Sisters series is probably my favorite to date. And l loved the other books I’ve read!

This sister, Olivine, is an artist and doesn’t share a lot about her life with her parents and sisters. Her parents assume she wants to stay in K’ba because she has found someone special that she’s afraid they wouldn’t approve of – a starving artist. Her mom, especially, wants all her girls to make good marriages (she really hopes for a royal marriage for them all!). Olivine just wants to be free to create her art. And, it doesn’t hurt that on the way back and forth to K’ba she passes Scrud (the armpit on the face of the earth according to most of the Illarians) and has met someone who really gets her.

Each book in the series gets better and better, and the reader gets a more complete picture of this land, the people, and their interactions. I especially loved how Olivine and Bohdan slowly fall in love as they get to know each other and how they are both willing to put the other’s needs ahead of their own.

It was fascinating to find out more about the far-sight that this sister has and how it was used in the preparations for defending their country as well as how she used it in her artistic life.

I’m really looking forward to meeting in more detail the rest of the sisters and how they fit into the plans. Each book ramps up my interest in finding out how all these plans are going to come together. I can hardly wait.

I really recommend this entire series!

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