Seven Steps To Heaven by Emily Moreton

Seven Steps To Heaven by Emily Moreton
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (24 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Fetish (role-playing police officer)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Steve’s night at Heaven starts badly, what with finding a dead body behind the club where he strips and all that, but rapidly improves with the introduction of older, attractive Officer Monroe, the first cop on scene. That’s Step One. Steve’s problem is negotiating the steps that come after that. Like lunch dates, small talk and, oh yeah, his own massive uniform kink.

Steve was already having a crappy morning when he steps outside for a smoke – only to discover a dead body. The only upside was when the cops arrive one of them is like a walking wet-dream. Officer Monroe has a sense of humour, kind eyes and a few mysteries of his own. Steve finds himself hooked before he knows what’s happening and all too soon he’s realizing that maybe he has a thing for uniforms after all.

This is a character driven story – and Monroe and Steve didn’t disappoint me. With the guessing game of what Monroe’s Christian name is, and the ribald fun between the two men as Steve flirted with Monroe this book moves at a fast pace. I enjoyed the different spin on “the cop and the stripper”, and felt Ms Moreton did an excellent job of keeping the situation lighthearted.

The sub-plot of the murder and serial killer got lost a bit in amongst the sex and budding relationship between Steve and Monroe. Although it was light and there was a brief mention about them making progress, a part of me would have enjoyed it if there’d been a more firm resolution. This would have left it not feeling like a loose end for me. But the real aim of the story was the steps bringing Steve and Monroe together and in this I found the author masterful. There was an excellent blend of sex, fun and banter. Steve and Monroe didn’t just fall together and instantly work, there were boundaries and steps and I enjoyed watching them both navigate their new relationship.

I found this to be a fun, interesting read and I’d definitely look up more titles by this author.

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