Scarred by Xandra James

Scarred by Xandra James
Publisher: Self published
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (47 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Quince

Noelle Travis is unlovable. Scarred and damaged, she’s lived her life as a thief, always in the shadows, never allowing herself to trust in silly dreams. Now the man who viciously controls her wants more, and she has one chance at freedom. But when he pushes her into the arms of her ex-love, Sig, the tight hold she has on her own broken world crumbles around her and the consequences turn deadly.

Billionaire Sig Randall has everything…and nothing. Tired of the secrets he keeps close to his heart, all he wants is to feel something. When Noelle, the woman he left behind ten years ago, crashes back into his life, he knows it’s for a reason. Trouble runs through her veins and he’d move heaven and earth if she’d trust him again. Thing is, the problems of the past have a way of turning up in the present. And sometimes, to get a second chance at love, your heart needs to be ripped apart…

Scarred is first installment in the series, Broken Billionaires, and it comes with a “To be continued” sign at the end of the last page. Therefore it can be said that this is just an introduction. But it is a good introduction and fast and edge of the seat interesting.

In Scarred, Noelle and Sig meet after they have been apart for ten years. It is very obvious that somebody was involved in breaking them apart. Also they both keep some life-changing secrets. Sig’s life turned out for the better, and he is a billionaire. On the other hand Noelle’s life turned for the worst, and now she is forced to steal from him in order to get out of debt.

Since this is an introduction not much can be said about the characters, just that Noelle is a solo player but she is so deep in trouble that eventually she will be forced to turn to Sig for help. Also it is obvious that they are both still have feelings for one another.

The author made a good beginning of the story. She established a good sense of time and place and I was immediately pulled into this fast paced story. Now that I tasted it I want it more. I will keep a close eye for the second story in the series and I will definitely read it.

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